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I am on CLOUD NINE !!!! Nominated for Liebster Award !!

So what actually this award mean ? It is the way to be discovered, supported, and connect and to the blogging community. Liebester is a German word, which means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute and its a way of welcoming newbie.

Thank you Carol Thompson of www.bakeitfab.com for nominating me. BAKE IT FAB, name speaks all !! Yes Carol is a food blogger with a perfect recipes to taste. Click Carol’s Website on your own risk, even glancing his food picture might gain some weight. He is a versatile blogger and a teacher who runs a private baking classes in New York city. I love following his baking techniques and presentation of food.

Carol’s  5 questions for me to be Answered!

1   What is your favorite part of blogging? What is your least favorite?

My favourite part of blogging is Content Production. As I do travel blogging, so content include perfect place, experience, pictures and in the end final product my article.

Least favourite part is time management, as I am still in learning phase and always behind my targets to be achieved.

2 When you need some down time how do you relax?

I go for shopping like every other women in this world. Shopping releases endorphins that temporarily reduce stress, boost self-esteem and moderate pain.

3. Where do you see you and your blog a year from now?

I want myself to be a influencer from a blogger. Might be going on a world tour and scripting my journey. So hope for the best !!

4. What is the most discouraging part of blogging and what inspires you to keep going?

Most discouraging part, when i could not meet my deadlines and keep losing viewers interest.

The knowledge I gained while travelling inspire me to continues my journey to help others to guide them well through my experience.

5. Who is your favorite artist — music, photography, cinema, etc, — and why?

I am the one who changes with the season !! Music on my list !! What ever top trending between Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran is on my top priority. I enjoyed their music which always boost my mood.

Now the best part of this award !! My Nomination to the following Bloggers.

  1. Christina Holzhaus at alittlenomad.com
  2. Jenn at makeamomsmile.com
  3. Jay, Ashley, Amanda and Priscilla at earthbelowgirls.com
  4. Jessica Alexis at thetrendyvoyager.com
  5. Kat at katsgoneglobal.com

Here are the rules my fellow nominees!

  1. On your blog, thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

  2. Link back to the blogger that awarded you.

  3. Upload the award to your blog.  This can be done by writing a post about the award, and uploading the award image in your sidebar.

  4. Answer the questions you have been asked by your nominator in a blog post so we can get to know you better.

  5. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers that you believe deserve to receive this award.

  6. Notify the owners of those 5 blogs that you’ve nominated them so they can accept their award.  Bloggers can be nominated more than once, giving their readers more chances to learn more about them.

5 questions for my fellow bloggers 

  1. What is your favorite part of blogging? What is your least favorite?
  2. Where do you get the ideas for your blog posts?
  3. What’s your dream job?
  4. What’s your biggest weakness? How you overcome ? 
  5. What is the best advice you can give your fellow bloggers


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