Shopping for loved ones is always fun, however staying on a budget is a big deal. And all you searching where to buy Dubai souvenirs in Budget? Dubai is affordable and always highlighted for its shopping.  Every place has its own specialty and Dubai is versatile. I want my readers to bring back the perfect choice of Souvenirs back at home. Here are my top ten favorite gifts/souvenir that you can bring back home within a budget.

An idea where to buy Dubai souvenirs?

1.Al-Farnar Emirati Sweets

Emirati sweets are made up of Dates, Saffron and Cardamom. Presented in a Silver Pot which is more overwrapped in a vibrant piece of cloth for traditional looks. Packaging is outclassed it’s very presentable and totally meet your budget.

Pro tip: Moreover if you are unsure how these sweets like? You try them free!

where to buy dubai souvenirs

  • Best for Sweet lovers of all the ages
  • Price: AED 20–100 (USD: $5 – $27)
  • Location: Town Center, Jumeirah, Mercato Shopping Mall & Dubai Festival City.


2. Camel Milk Made Chocolates

Buy something symbolic from Dubai. Yes! Camel milk Chocolate is the cutest and yummiest souvenir for your loved ones. Very Simple yet attractive and everybody loves Cholocalte.

Protips: If you buying form mall?? Can ask for customized Name Box to make it more special.

where to buy dubai souvenirs

  • Best for Sweet tooth lover of any age
  • Price:  from 40 AED (USD 10$)
  • Location: Any Supermarket and Duty-free Shop


3. BALQEES Honey:

Why not some Honey for your Honey? You can buy pure honey from Dubai which is way cheaper from the rest of the world. Baleeqs Honey have different verities from the white honey to original Manuka. The lady in this picture at the Honey Shop was a gem, she introduced so many new flavors of honey to us and really convinced us to buy something different and healthy.

Pro tip: Pack your honey bottles in your check-in language for hassle-free traveling.

Budget Gifts from Dubai

  • Best for: Everyone except for babies
  • Price: AED 150 – 350 (USD $40 – $95)
  • Location: Mercato mall, Dubai Mall, Deira City Center and Ibn Battuta Mall.


4. Persian Mouse Rug:

It’s very hard and expensive to buy a Persian Rug and bring all the way back home. Why not you collect something unusual for everyday use? This Persian Mouse Rug is a beauty to your work Table. They are perfectly functional and washable.

Budget Gifts from Dubai

  • Best for Work Mate, Technology Geeks and for yourself.
  • Price: AED 45 – 75 (USD 12$-20$)
  • Location: Dubai Museum Souvenir Shop and Souks Souvenir Shops.


5.Dubai Spices

Spice Souk is the heart of Dubai. Your trip is incomplete without buying spices from the souk. It’s recommended to buy smaller quantities and pack into your check-in luggage.

Protip: If buying from Spice Souk, bargaining is very necessary. Offer them half of the original price and search market to get the perfect idea of the price.

Budget Gifts from Dubai

  • Best for: Anybody who loves cooking
  • Price : from AED : 10 – 25 (USD : $3 – $7 )per pack
  • Location: Spice Souk and Supermarkets


6. Hookah/Shisha Pipe

Good collectible item for smokers is a flavor shisha which is a rich symbol of Dubai culture. Beautiful carved Sheesha or Hooka can be easily available and the best gift brings back home.

Budget Gifts from Dubai

  • Best for Male/ Female smoker friends and family
  • Price: AED50 – 370 (US$14 – $100)
  • Location: Smokers’ Centre outlets, Carrefour Hypermarket and Dubai souks.


7.Pashmina Shawls

Bring some warmth from Dubai, buy real Pashmina shawls. A real pashmina can be very expensive but cheaper in Dubai. To stay in the budget you can have alternative Shawls, which are made of silk or viscose mix pashmina shawls. But totally worth your buy.

  • Best for Wife, mother, female boss
  • Price:
    • AED250 (US$70) for a real pashmina shawl
    • AED30 (US$8) is the average price for viscose shawls
  • Location: Pashmina House, Textile Souk Karama Market


8. Sand-Glass Decorations

Buy some Arab sand art and remember your desert tour.  It’s one of the famous souvenirs from Dubai. They are beautifully handmade and can custom be on your request.

  • Best for: Art Lover
  • Price: AED 25 – 250 (USD 7$-USD 62$)
  • Location: Dubai Museum Souvenir Shop and Souks Souvenir Shops.



The Middle East is always famous for its dates collections.  You can find numbers of different Dates in Dates. But Chocodates are my favorite, these Dates dipped into chocolate, which is the best combination of east and west.

  • Best for Sweetooth of all the ages
  • Price: From  AED 45 (USD 11$)
  • Location: Any Supermarket and Duty-free Dubai


10.Camel Company:

It’s a local brand for funky souvenirs. Camel Company has a collection of Soft toys, T-Shirts, Novelties, Camella and Habibi all in one Place. You can browse online to see their collection and select the best one at home.

  • Best for: Everyone
  • Price: Starts at AED 15 (US 5$)
  • Location: Dubai Mall, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai World Trade Center, Souk al Bahar and Dubai Outlet Mall.


These are my Favourite Souvenirs to bring back home either for yourself or for your loved ones. Do let me if you bring something special from Dubai and totally worth my list to add on.

Happy Traveling to Dubai and Click here for more Family Things to do in Dubai.