Holidays around the corner, time to explore Kinsale hidden gem of county Cork. One of the most highlighted and visited places in Cork city. It’s always a stunning idea to take a weekend break out of busy city life and admire the nature. So quick question???  What can you expect from the weekend breaks in Kinsale??? It has some historic sites and stories, stunning Harbour, picturesque spots, fresh seafood, bars and a Wild Atlantic way to drive.

weekend breaks in kinsale

Kinsale is a small colourfull town with the short drive to Cork City approx 30 minutes by car. Just follow the signs and be careful while driving on the winding roads of Ireland.

If you have a short time in Ireland, you can always spend a day/night to relax out from the hustle and bustles. (for me a day is enough). Make sure you research well, book all your tours and must not miss any one of them to feel regret.

So here is a guide what you can do at weekend breaks in Kinsale:

Things to do in Weekend Breaks in Kinsale:

Walking Tour in Kinsale:

Start your day with the walking tour. Well, there are many walking tours operated in Kinsale, depends what is your interest. All I can say its a small town with full of stories. There are 4 main types of walking tours, providing direct links so you can check them out. Details below…

weekend breaks in kinsale

My walking tour Partner

  • If you want to see real Heritage Town, with the perfect picture places and inside stories of town select Dermot Ryan’s Heritage Town Walk. This tour almost covers entire town, like Church of Saint Multose and Desmond Castle. I highly recommend this tour, if you don’t want to miss anything.
  • For harbor history book Don & Barry’s Historic Stroll they will also include the story of sinking the Lusitania.
  • If you are foodie must try Kinsale Food Tours. It is not an ordinary food tour, it includes stories from Kinsale, meets the different food producer, Scenery, Seafood and much more.
  • Last but not the least Kinsale Ghost Tours. As Ireland is full of ghost stories and every place is haunted by its ancestors.  Check haunted life in Kinsale (Tours operate ay 9 pm, You can well end your end by adding some ghost stories to your memories)

Taste some FresH Sea Food:

What I love about this place, it offers all type of fresh seafood. My recommendation to have a stop at Dylan SeaFood for fish and Chips with a perfect harbor view.

weekend breaks in Kinsale

Explore the HArbour:

How can you miss the harbor tour? Watch Kinsale town by water. All you need to do book your ride and relax on shore. For more details Click here 

Dig the History and Visit Forts:

There are two different forts with the distance of short drive from the Kinsale town. Charles Fort and James Fort. These Forts are from 17th century and hold a great background with the Kinsale town.

Protip: If you have less time, do visit Charles Fort which is across the harbor.

Drive to Old Head of Kinsale:

Old Head of Kinsale is one of the prominent spots of wild Atlantic ways. Give plenty of time to explore this place as it offers 6 km long loop to see. Its Ireland’s most stunning coastal area with the facility of golfing sports for golf lovers.

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Highlights of Weekend Breaks in Kinsale:

If you are still undecided click to see what this town look alike with my camera eye.

Wrapping my Kinsale Journey: 

Kinsale is a gorgeous town and has lots more to offer for a Weekend to a family destination. History, Harbour, and Food all you need to relax for a weekend, banks holidays or for a short visit. Hope to have happy traveling to Ireland. Before you exist to share this destination to your friend and family or Pin to Pinterest!