If you are en routing Netherland to France or vice versa? You will spot Belgium in between. Why visit  Belgium and it is worth to stay? 5 most amazing Reasons to Visit  Belgium on and on for a perfect relaxing holiday!

5 Reasons Why to Visit Belgium?

Visit Belgium- for Food

Belgium is a foodies Heavens. A culture of food is very vast. Waffles and fritters are on top of the list and chocolates are to be followed. The most popular way of socializing in Belgium are Cafes and restaurants. Finger cross to put on some weight while your visit ends.

Visit Belgium – for Architecture

It is one of the most beautiful architectural European states. Belgium’s every city holds its own beauty with the square markets in the center like in Brussels to the Canals houses in the Bruges.

Visit Belgium – for Comic Story

One of the Countries where murals on wall express the comic story. Brussels have some mind-blowing comic story tours which tell what this mural is all about. Famous Comics like Tin Tin and Smurfs are originated by Belgium.

Visit Belgium – for Music

Music from flemish dutch to the french-german ends at the electronic dance music. If you are a fan of electronic music? Book your tickets for the month July to attend the biggest electronic music festival in the world “Tomorrowland”.

Visit Belgium – For Amazing Culture

Belgium is reputed as boring Country to Visit for holidays. But it has everything that a holiday needs. Central cities have English speaking people. Brussels have around 138 restaurants with the influence of Italian and French cuisine. Nightlife is a bit quieter as compared to the other Europeans countries. Belgium has the oldest covered shopping arcade in the Europe.  What else you need a reason to visit a perfect holiday place?

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