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Visit Athens in 2 Days

Visit Athens in 2 Days

“Athens, the Eye of the Greece, Mother of Arts / And Eloquence”

As soon as you decide that Greece is your Holiday Destination !! Question in your Mind ?? How to See Athens in 2 days ? Here is the perfect itinerary for your trip !!


Athens Day 1 :

9:30 am Acropolis & Parthenon

There are two reasons to visit Acropolis early in the morning. First, you will experience less crowd and a good pleasant weather.

visit athens in 2 days

Athens- Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Tip: Wear good Shoes as the place is sloppy and have a Loose Chips. Sunglasses and Hat are very essential. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle to keep you self-hydrate.   

How to sew Athens in 2 days


how to see Athens in 2 days

Old Temple of Athena

How to sew Athens in 2 days


11:00 am Acropolis Museum

A place where you learn all about Greek civilization, art, and Architecture.

How to see Athen in 2 days

Acropolis Museum

How to see Athens in 2 days

Old Acropolis

Don’t forget to have a cup of tea/coffee or a Lime Juice at the museum café with a view of Acropolis.

12:30 pm Hadrian’s Arch & Temple of Olympian Zeus

Hadrian’s Arch is one of the important places in the Roman Emperor era. This Arch divide old and the new city of Athens.

Hadrian’s Arch

Temple of Olympian Zeus is made up of Marble. This unfinished temple destroyed in Earthquake. Have a clear view of Acropolis which made this place more beautiful.

visit athens in 2 days

Temple of Olympian Zeus

1:30 pm Panathenaic Stadium

Panathenaic Stadium is one of the most visited tourist attraction places. It is the only stadium in the world which is entirely built from Marble by Mount Pendeli.

How to see Athens in 2 days

Panathenaic Stadium

2:00 pm Zappeion & National Gardens

The national garden is in the heart of the city, where you can find plenty of shades to take a rest.

How to see Athens in 2 days

National Gardens

And inside National Gardens is the Zappioen. A beautiful architecture building, where modern Olympic Games are performed.


3:00 pm Parliament House  and Syntagma Square

Parliament House is the heart of the city. Take a quick stop to have a look on guards wearing traditionally Pom Pom Shoes. Change of guards ceremony happens every Sunday 11:00.

How to see Athens in 2 days

Parliament House- Change of Guards

Syntagma Square is the only square of the city, which is surrounded by Hotels, Resturants, and Shops. You can sit and relax on the central fountain with the background of Parliament house and a view of Acropolis.

Syntagma Square

5:00 Plaka

A place where you sigh ( Historic Places), Eat and Shop. This place is totally enchanted with Greek culture. Plaka is the best place for Night Life in Athens.

How to see Athens in 2 days


Athens Day 2:

9:30 am an Archaeological museum

Archaeological museum has ancient statues, pottery, weapons, jewelry and all the remainings of old Greece. If you are history and art lover then it’s a must go place.

Archaeological Museum

11:00 am Agora

Agora is situated northwest side of Athens. It is the extended part of Athens and famous for its Marketplace. They have a number of goods and antiques from the second world war. Take a stopover to discover this place.


12:00 pm Museum of ancient Agora

Stoa of Attlos holds Musem of Agora. A Stunning structured building contains two floors and worth visiting.

visit athens in 2 days


1:30 pm Head towards Athens beach area

Highly recommended to visit Vouliagmeni Lake Beach, which is natural mineral Spa. It’s a lake where fishes offer skin exploitation in a natural environment.  This place is a true heaven to experience the nature.

Vouliagmeni Lake Beach

Relax and Sunbath as much as you can !! Enjoy the Sunset…..and make perfect memories of your journey.

If you looking for more Tip about Greece… Click the link to find out more.

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  1. Esperanza

    I loved this post! I was in Athens for about an hour before leaving on a ferry for Santorini, so I did not get to explore. I would love to go back someday to see these things in person :). Love your photos!

  2. Andrea Broom

    All your pictures look incredible, I really do wish I could be in Athens right now. It has been on my bucket list for some time now. Your pictures just gave me another reason to move it up higher on the list. Warm regards, Andrea

  3. Harmony, Momma To Go

    Wow that’s a lot to do in two days! I’ve never been to Greece but have spent a lot of time in Rome among many similar ruins!

  4. Jenny

    Wow! We went to Athens on our honeymoon and I am dying to go back.

  5. Patricia

    I would love to visit Greece! The architecture is so beautiful and detailed…and I really like Vouliagmeni Lake Beach too! 🙂 Very beautiful scenery.


    A beautiful place and a very concise itinerary for 2 days!

  7. Navina Joseph

    I had been to Athens for a day couple of years back and visited those you mentioned in day1. Your post has infused some nostalgia in me :-).. the mineral lake sounds interesting… will go there the next time i visit Athens..

    • travelmyjourney

      Sure you should

  8. Christina Holthuis

    Thanks for this great itinerary! I’m definitely planning a weekend trip to Athens this summer, only been to the Greek islands so far. Bookmarked! 🙂

    • travelmyjourney

      Thanks Christina !!! Enjoy

  9. Daniel Heaver

    Nice post. Some incredible pictures too. Hopefully I can visit athens myself in the future

  10. Gloria

    I never thought about visiting before but Now I want to! The pictures are beautiful and the pom pom shoes were my favorite. Love learning new things!

  11. shahin

    Nicely composed the ideas..great info for the travel lover!

  12. Tonya Wilhelm

    Wow! What an amazing trip! 2 days, that’s impressive. Good shoes is an excellent tip!

  13. Ana De- Jesus

    Athens has been on my to see list for quite some time. Especially since I am obsessed with culture, sightseeing and history! x

  14. Katie Kinsley

    I have never been to Greece before, but it would be such a great trip. I love visiting places and learning about their history.

  15. elena

    Great post. I’m planning on going to Greece this summer and will be hitting the beaches, but would like to visit Athens in one or two days. Thanks.

  16. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial

    Love how you fit all of this in 2 days! Sounds busy, but you got to see everything!

    • travelmyjourney

      It looks busy but these sight seeing are very close to each other !! i bunch them for hassle free travelling

  17. five little doves

    I would LOVE to visit Athens!! I’m desperate to go and yet we wouldn’t have much time there if we left the kids at home so this would be perfect!

  18. Amanda

    Unfortunately, the furthest out of the US I have ever been is Canada, but I have a dream to go somewhere in Europe one day. This post really makes me want to travel to Athens.

  19. Kuleigh

    Great photos! I’ve been obsessed with Greek and Roman art and architecture since I was young. It would be an amazing experience to visit Athens and see all the mythology come to life.

  20. Liz Stephenson

    Now that is a trip! So good that you managed to see so much in so little time. Athens didn’t wow me but I wish I saw more.

  21. Enricoh Alfonzo

    Se manifique views and vibes! i love the photo journal and descriptions. makes me wanna hop on a plane right now lol.

  22. Gidokblog

    So much activities in just 2 days, maybe someday I will get to visit those places.

  23. neha

    A very nice list. You have covered everything that is important and a must see in Athens

  24. Ali Rost

    Greece has been on our want to travel to list for a while now. I can’t believe how much history is there. I’d especially love to see the Archaeological museum and National Gardens. All of your photos make everything look so amazing! x

  25. Cara

    I would love to visit Athens, it looks like a beautiful place.

  26. Sharon Collie

    Wow I love that you managed to see so much in such a short time. That lake beach looks like heaven!

  27. eazynazy

    t this beautiful place until I saw your post, Thanks for sharing this with us with those wonderful pictures <3 am definitely gonna add this to my bucket list

  28. Pammy

    So majestic! Such a great place to explore! Pammy –

  29. Denisse | Le Petit Eats

    Thanks for all the tips! Definitely want to visit Athens in the next year or two.

  30. Stephanie

    I’ve been to Greece twice before and visited Athens too. These pictures really bring back all the memories. It’s been 11 years since I was there last…I totally need to go back! 🙂

  31. Casey the College Celiac

    Talk about some AMAZING views! I’ve never been to Athens but it’s on my bucket list!

  32. SaraLyn L

    I’ve never been to Greece. Looks like you got to see a lot. Great pictures!

  33. Nicole

    Amazing trip photos! Take me with you next time!

  34. Delphine

    Wow, that’s a lot in 2 days, I would love to go to Greece!

  35. Colleen

    Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  36. robin rue

    You saw so much in just two days. I am super jealous – I have always wanted to go to Athens.

    • Nida

      If you want to stay in Budget you need to be planned and this is what i did Research before !! and everything is by walk !! Except the beach area which save a lot of time !!

  37. Raine C. S.

    Wow, this looks like a whirlwind, but amazing trip. Your pictures are incredible as well. Looks like a lot of fun to go. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Amber Myers

    I love all your photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. I hope I make it one day.

  39. Christie Brown

    Oh man! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit Athens. If I didn’t have the travel bug before reading this, I definitely do now. 😛 Beautiful pictures, I just want to jump right through my screen in to them. Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  40. Kristina

    another amazing place to add to my bucket list 🙂 thanks for sharing your experience!

  41. Shannon

    I traveled to Athens 3 years ago for 2 nights. I wish I had seen this back then, my trip would have been much more productive!

  42. Deanna

    Oh my goodness, that looks amazing. I would love to go to Athens. My daughter and I did a unit on it this year. There is so much amazing history there.

  43. Marianne Turkson

    I tik it’s fair to say that you had the time of your life. Sich a beautiful place to photograph. Another travel destination to put on my wish list I enjoyed this post.

  44. Phylicia

    Omg I have to go here..this is sooo amazing seriously! Thanks for the tips

  45. Ayushi Arora

    athens has some great architecture and culture, have heard much about the large amphitheaters and acropolis too. would love to visit this place some day.

  46. David Elliott

    I just need to go to Athens. I have wanted to go for the longest time. And you make it look amazing. Not sure I could do it in just two days, but any amount of time there would be amazing.

  47. Lisa Sell

    I’ve not considered Athens as a place to go before but from your photos it really reminds me of my trip to Epheseus in Turkey. I think you may have convinced me to go!

  48. Sofia

    I’m hoping to visit in September! Will bookmark 🙂


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