“Athens, the Eye of the Greece, Mother of Arts / And Eloquence”

As soon as you decide that Greece is your Holiday Destination !! Question in your Mind ?? How to See Athens in 2 days ? Here is the perfect itinerary for your trip !!


Athens Day 1 :

9:30 am Acropolis & Parthenon

There are two reasons to visit Acropolis early in the morning. First, you will experience less crowd and a good pleasant weather.

visit athens in 2 days

Athens- Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Tip: Wear good Shoes as the place is sloppy and have a Loose Chips. Sunglasses and Hat are very essential. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle to keep you self-hydrate.   

How to sew Athens in 2 days


how to see Athens in 2 days

Old Temple of Athena

How to sew Athens in 2 days


11:00 am Acropolis Museum

A place where you learn all about Greek civilization, art, and Architecture.

How to see Athen in 2 days

Acropolis Museum

How to see Athens in 2 days

Old Acropolis

Don’t forget to have a cup of tea/coffee or a Lime Juice at the museum café with a view of Acropolis.

12:30 pm Hadrian’s Arch & Temple of Olympian Zeus

Hadrian’s Arch is one of the important places in the Roman Emperor era. This Arch divide old and the new city of Athens.

Hadrian’s Arch

Temple of Olympian Zeus is made up of Marble. This unfinished temple destroyed in Earthquake. Have a clear view of Acropolis which made this place more beautiful.

visit athens in 2 days

Temple of Olympian Zeus

1:30 pm Panathenaic Stadium

Panathenaic Stadium is one of the most visited tourist attraction places. It is the only stadium in the world which is entirely built from Marble by Mount Pendeli.

How to see Athens in 2 days

Panathenaic Stadium

2:00 pm Zappeion & National Gardens

The national garden is in the heart of the city, where you can find plenty of shades to take a rest.

How to see Athens in 2 days

National Gardens

And inside National Gardens is the Zappioen. A beautiful architecture building, where modern Olympic Games are performed.


3:00 pm Parliament House  and Syntagma Square

Parliament House is the heart of the city. Take a quick stop to have a look on guards wearing traditionally Pom Pom Shoes. Change of guards ceremony happens every Sunday 11:00.

How to see Athens in 2 days

Parliament House- Change of Guards

Syntagma Square is the only square of the city, which is surrounded by Hotels, Resturants, and Shops. You can sit and relax on the central fountain with the background of Parliament house and a view of Acropolis.

Syntagma Square

5:00 Plaka

A place where you sigh ( Historic Places), Eat and Shop. This place is totally enchanted with Greek culture. Plaka is the best place for Night Life in Athens.

How to see Athens in 2 days


Athens Day 2:

9:30 am an Archaeological museum

Archaeological museum has ancient statues, pottery, weapons, jewelry and all the remainings of old Greece. If you are history and art lover then it’s a must go place.

Archaeological Museum

11:00 am Agora

Agora is situated northwest side of Athens. It is the extended part of Athens and famous for its Marketplace. They have a number of goods and antiques from the second world war. Take a stopover to discover this place.


12:00 pm Museum of ancient Agora

Stoa of Attlos holds Musem of Agora. A Stunning structured building contains two floors and worth visiting.

visit athens in 2 days


1:30 pm Head towards Athens beach area

Highly recommended to visit Vouliagmeni Lake Beach, which is natural mineral Spa. It’s a lake where fishes offer skin exploitation in a natural environment.  This place is a true heaven to experience the nature.

Vouliagmeni Lake Beach

Relax and Sunbath as much as you can !! Enjoy the Sunset…..and make perfect memories of your journey.

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