Oh YES, it’s me NIDA your Travel Blogger!!! Open Arms welcoming you to follow my Journey… Tick Tock Tick……Holidays around the Corner… Where to go? What is the weather? Where to book? What to Pack? What to wear (typical girls question)? Last but not the least planning your tour into the budget when you paying and luxury tour when your partner paying. We all work hard all year long, our body works like a machine which needs rest at least once in a year in my case twice a year or every weekend. Travelling is an Experience of world, culture, and civilization. I started my journey as a carefree person to a responsible Mother, which don’t actually stop me living my life and my dreams. It is pretty Easy When you travel alone or as a couple but with a toddler, you need to be prepared for all the good or the bad side of the day. My Travel Blogs aim to motivate young mothers, single parents, and families to follow your dream traveling life. Travelling gives you life experience which none of the books can. Make some beautiful memories before it comes past. Life is unpredictable, I completed my studies in BS Computer Sciences. Love to express and write so I am not a dry Software Engineer type person. Updated more to Digital Media and Marking, so I know how to stand in this digital world and last up to my passion for Travelling. I am Trio of Computers–Digital Marketer–Travel Blogger plus I am a MoM. As a person, I love Colours Art Music books and Traveling and this blog is the Footprint of my journey and my experiences. “The world is a book those who do not travel read only one page”. St. Augustine Augustine means “Read-only my Blog” to explore the world. So Keep Rolling and stay tune with my Adventurous Journey.