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Lets check who is the Travel Blogger???

Hello! I'm Nida

Mum Travel Blogger Author of "Travel my Journey"

Welcome to my small Travel Dairy!

Are you looking for the details about the travel blogger here?? Sorry you on the wrong track as I am just an ordinaryMum who loves to travel the world, that won’t give me the title of Travel Blogger. 
Oops Sorry, let me introduce myself. Nida your travel explorer (Not the travel blogger) from Dublin, Ireland… former career as a Digital Marketing and Software Engineer… I followed this as a passion for travel bug inside of me who focused on a family traveling.





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How I Became a Mum Travel Blogger

I followed this as a passion for travel bug inside of me who focused on a family traveling.

Travelling is an Experience of the world, culture, and civilization. I started my journey as a carefree person to a responsible Mother, which don’t actually stop me living my life and my dreams. It is pretty easy when you travel alone or as a couple but with a kid, you need to be prepared for all good and bad sides of the day.

I always wanted to motivate young mothers, single parents, and families to follow their dream of traveling. Don’t Stop yourself because traveling is the best education you can provide to your child. 

Meet My Family 

Obviously me, my son Arham (3 ½ years) a true travel partner started his 1st traveling with me when he was 7 months old. Since now we already did 50+ flights to 15 different countries. We are not a nomad… Just traveling whenever we get the chance before Arham starts his proper schooling.

Not every time he is chilling, but he is very supportive to mommy & daddy while traveling. Yes, Daddy is too shy to be part of our blog, but he accompanied us most of the time.

I think this is enough to create a relationship between you and me…Let’s bring to light and experience together my travel, where my Kiddo is the reason to travel the world. 

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