Stepping into the magical place Bruges in Belgium. What are things to do in Bruges for making your holidays memorable?

Follow my footsteps to know what actually you can do in Bruges?

 The Market in Bruges:

The first thing to hit in Bruges is the Center which is the heart of the Bruges just like Brussels. Sit grab a cup of a coffee and enjoy the architecture all around you.

Take a Boat Tour:

Bruges city is all connected to canals. To enjoy the beauty take a boat tour to discover well. You can see no. of boat tours but I recommend to take boat trip next to a statue of St. John on the bridge.

Jaunting Cart:

The noise of the Horse Shoe and history by locals is the only thing you will never find anywhere else!  This ride is double excited and cheerful for me when my Son enjoyed the experience of riding a horse. Experiencing this city on Jaunting Cart bring you to the past. How people manage without cars and use horses for transportation?

Street Artist in Bruges:

Different Cities reflect different Street Artist. Bruges Street Artist can be enjoyed on every footstep! Bruges streets are full of Flemish Music and Talented People. Each artist starts from its local streets, you never know which one become world famous. Not only you will enjoy music but also the live painters on the famous spots.

Torture Museum:

It is one of the most interesting museums I have been. It reflects all the torture techniques given in old days of prison. This museum is best for horror movies lovers, it brings me back to the set of SAW movie.

Oh yes, that’s me !! My Husband Wish comes Ture !!! Even its a strange experience but it’s fun to be trap like this with a devil on Back

Entry ticket is 8 Euro, bit pricey for 45 minutes visit

Not ideal for kids or small babies (My son literally scared)

Visit the Church:

There are no. of churches in Bruges but my favorite is St. James’s Church. Visiting this Church reflects a beauty of architecture, Remarkable window work and stunning Woodcarving.

P.S. My Camera lens not doing justice to this place.

Wind Mills in Bruges:

YES!! Wind Mills in Bruges !! Yaapiiee !! Dutch are incomplete without Wind Mills. And Bruges tour is incomplete without its visit. Sadly, it’s no more in operation but it holds a strong history of Bruges. Don’t forget to walk at the end of Bruges City to have a glimpse of Wind Mills.

Shop Perfect Chocolate

Belgium, Bruges, and chocolate is the best combination of life. Either you take a chocolate factory tour or pop into any chocolate shop run by a family. There is always something new to taste. Buy a Bar of chocolate or a strawberry dipped chocolate to bring the sweetness of memories to home…


This is one of the best holidays of my Life and wishes to have these days again… Bruges leaves a perfect impact on me to bring me back someday Soon…


**Disclaimer: It’s my personal experience based on my taste and choice, may vary person to person.