Traveling to London is always a good idea. Wait!!! a big question? Are you planning a trip to London on a Budget?
A good news for all the readers here! You can visit London on a Budget!

“Big City on a Small Budget”

Here are some tips which will help you in saving your money.

Tips to Travel London on a Budget:

  • Best Time to go London

London Calling….. It doesn’t matter which month you plan to visit, it’s always beautiful. Summers have long days with crowded tourist all around and everything on its peak. Spring and Autumn are cooler and prices may vary according to its demand. Winters are chilly with shorter days and with fewer tourist. Best time to book yourself on a Budget is around Christmas. In Between November and December. This is the best time to stay in budget. When the city is less crowded and Christmas decore worth the city twice the time.

Planning a trip to London on a Budget

  • Book Budget Flights for London

This can save a lot of money. Budget flights are one of the top tips which can save a lot.

If you flying from U.S.A. always check some great deals from my top 2 budget airline NORWEGIAN and WOW

And if you traveling from Europe do check Ryanair and Are Lingus 

Planning a trip to London on a Budget

P.S. from Europe you can hardly get some offers starting from 20 euro 

  • Airport Transfer to London on a budget

Traveling from any of the airports towards city center London, there is two cheapest medium for airport transfer.  Airport transfer Buss and underground tubes. Both are cheap and easy to get. But in my opinion, always use the London Underground Tube/Train for the quick transfers. Only con is that you need to handle a lot of steps down towards underground.Whereas, using bus disadvantage is high traffic on peak timing which may cause unnecessary tiredness at the beginning of your holidays.

Planning a trip to London on a Budget

  • Transport for London on a budget

To stay on budget while you visit London there are two options London Travelcard or Visitor Oyster Card. These cards can be used in underground tubes, overground trains, Buses, and trams. How to select among two of them? Below a quick description:

Planning a trip to London on a Budget

London Travelcard

Travelcard is valid for a single day or seven days.

  • Estimate credit you need!

One day estimated for Adult £12.30 / Seven days estimated from Adult £33.00

It will not cover transfer from the airport.

Click here to for more information

Visitor Oyster Card

Visitor Oyster card is a pay as you go card. You can order this card online and get it before you arrive in London. Top up whenever you needed.

  • Estimate credit you need!

*1-2 days requires £20 card will usually cover a return journey from Heathrow plus travel around Central London

*3 days? Buy a £25 card for a return journey from Heathrow and travel around Central London.

It covers Heathrow and Gatwick airport for transfer.

Click here to order online.

  • Location of Hotel

Choose Central London to stay area like South Kensington, Bloomsbury or at Victoria. It covers most of the tourist attractions. Book hostel, hotel or Airbnb near the tube line for easy access e.g. zone 1. To stay in a budget book from Airbnb click here to find the suitable hotel.

Planning a trip to London on a Budget

  • Free Walking Tour

Best to way to discover any place is to avail walking tour. The more you walk more you discover and feel the real essence of the city. To book a perfect London walking tour in a day Click here which cover all the tourist attraction you need to see in London.

Via Tripadvisor

  • London Attraction Passes

Staying on Budget means you need a lot of searches before you arrive at your destination. If you have more than 2 or 3 attractions on your mind to visit, then London Pass is the best option. It includes 1-day bus tour, Thames River Cruise, fast-track access, free entry to 80 attractions and lots more special discounts available. But wait! Do check places you want to visit includes in free attractions or not. Click here to see.


If you have a limited time book hop on and hop off and with a combo of attractions, it’s always cheaper. Click here to see which one suits you best. 

Always check online 1st, there are ongoing saving options available on the website.

Hope these tips help you for your next trip to LONDON on a Budget. Don’t forget to share and Pin it!!

*Disclaimer: this is not paid review all based on my personal experiences