Hannover is famous for its trade fairs and conventions, but you can enjoy Hannover as your next holiday destination! Yes, I know you have never figured it before however, you will add Hannover after reading my experience on your bucket list.

How come I found this place? Well, it’s a business trip for my Husband and an interesting city to be discovered by Mum Travel Blogger! So Next time if when your partner traveling to Hannover for any trade exhibitions, or you have an invitation to attend any of trade shows or convention!! don’t stay at home.. pack your bags and off to new adventure.

I was not expecting this place will turn out so much stunning that I will fall in love (Clearly describe in my picture above). Hannover is a small city, perfect for a weekend escape or an overnight stay. Hannover was rebuilt in the fifties, as it was completely destroyed in World war II. So if you look closely, it has the essence of the old city and the texture of a modern town.


Hannover has a very small airport, moreover to stay in budget you can access the nearst airport which are Hamburg and Bremen.

Hanover is perfect for a stopover, hotels are cheaper as compare to the big cities like Hamburg. Unless there is an ongoing trade exhibition or convention happening.

If you are heading to Netherland, hannover can be perfect destination for breaking your journey.

Trains are faster but you need to book in advance for cheaper tickets (minmum 2 weeks before)

Cheapest way to travel is Flixbus. Comfortable seats, Bathrooms and free WiFi available. For booking Click here

Enjoy Hannover Holiday with Family

My Holidays are incomplete without my family. So my little Champ was my travel partner to Hannover.

Enjoy Hannover

Meet Arham my Travel Partner

Protips for Mum/Dad: Hanover is a perfect child-friendly city. Well, equipped with baby changing, kids things to do at hotels and restaurants. Every tourist spot is buggy/stroller friendly. What else a Parents want !!!!

Things to do with Family at Hannover

Hannover offers many activities to every age group. These are the things we did at our Hanover Tours for two days. If you have short stay can follow Day 1 only.

Enjoy Hannover | Day 1

>Hop-on Hop-off City Tour

I always start my day with the Hop on and Hop off. The reason behind this it always gives me familiarization to the city. Like how the layover of the place? Highlights of City? It’s easy for me to explore with the freedom of Hop on and Hop off.

Via Visit Hannover

Hannover Hop on- Hop off is perfect if you have a less time. The round lasts for 2 hours with the multiple stops and multiple guide language. Children under 4 go Free. For more information (i.e. price and timing Click here)

Protip: If you traveling with kids alone or as a family, use this service it’s very handy. Buggy/Stroller access with the very helping staff. As an alone parent, I didn’t experience any difficulty using Hop on and Hop off.

Curved dome lift at New Town Hall (360 panoramic views)

New Town Hall is a newly built area after the World War II. New Town Hall is the center of the city which is ideal to have a 360 panoramic view. To reach on the top you need to access the curved lift which bends to 45 degrees. Entirely a unique experience to have a birds-eye view of the city. Praise the beauty of the city from the top.


Protip: To have the fantastic view of the New Town Hall building, walk at the back of the building for a picture perfect walk.


Can you imagine a man-made lake in the center of the city? Hannover offers a relaxing spot to end my evening. Maschsee offers numbers of sports activities, Paddleboat hiring and a boat tour to explore the calmness of this man made-lake. There are numbers of restaurants which serves the food of your choice.

Maschsee is one of the favorite stops for my kiddo, where he adores ducks around, have plenty of running space and enjoyed the boat tour.


Enjoy Hannover | Day 2

“Red Thread” Walking tour

Guided walking tours and self-walking tours are well known. But how many cities actually painted a red thread for the walking tour?? Entire Hannover city is painted with a 4 kilometers long red thread, which highlights 36 attractions within the city. Red Thread walking tour book available at tourist center for €3. I would highly recommend buying this guide to explore the city.

While discovering “Red Thread” these are my worth seeing attractions at Hannover.

Central Railway station

Old red brick Central Railway Station with a stunning architecture one of the most attractive railway stations in Germany. it’s not only a railway station but also a shopping arcade and food hall.


Just like every European city, this is once the central meeting square but now its surrounded by shops and restaurants and hotels.

VIa Visit Hannover

Market church

This Church holds the significant history for Germans. The church reflects the typical gothic style which always my favorite.

Enjoy Hannover

Old Town square

When the red thread reaches to the Old Town all the atmosphere suddenly changes. The buildings are unusual, as they were rebuilt with the details of wooden planks after the world war. Architecture is not detailed but the simplicity shows it was rebuilt.  Old Town is the most picturesque part of the city which I truly adore it.


The Nannas are the reflection of the artist in the city. My son truly adores these Funky art sculptures. He enjoyed watching them and imagined them as fat dancing Nannas.

Herrenhausen Gardens

If you have enough time and weather permits you to have a visit, its some of the highlights of the City. I highly recommend visiting this gardens if you are a nature lover. It was also completely destroyed in World War II, now it is rebuilt with the flower beds and the fountain in the center. Royal Gardens is one of the most highlighted gardens in Germany.  During the summers season after the sunset,  garden glows with an illumination show, which worth a visit. For more details Click here

Photo by Hilthart Pedersen on Unsplash

We enjoy Hannover beyond our expectations, it was a perfect holiday breaks to experience a new culture, city, and country. It’s our 1st time in Germany, we will be coming back soon to discover more cities. For more holiday break ideas Click here and before you leave travel my journey share and pin this with your travel lover friends and family.

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*Disclaimer: Sponsored Hop on Hop off and Curved dome lift at New Town Hall by Visit Hannover. All my reviews are based on my experience.  I will never promote something I haven’t personally experienced. Nothing forced and that can be only witnessed when you actually enjoy Hannover.