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The English Market in Cork City

The English Market in Cork City

English Market in Cork City is from 19th Century and based on Victorian building design.  This market is most visited by tourist to enjoy its beauty. This Market is more highlighted when Queen Elizabeth II took a tour to this place and met the traders and staff of this market.

My recent visit explores the new side of this place, which I captured on my camera. Let’s dip into my pictographs

Opening timing of English Market:

  • 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)

> An architecture of this market is beautiful and admirable.

Fact about this place which never revealed. This place smells badly cause of Meat and Fishes.Wondering how Queen Elizabeth stand and greet everyone?

This market includes a wide range of Irish food and culinary delights for everyone.

Must check things in English Market in Cork City:

> The local restaurant at first Floors. They offer a number of delicious food, tea, and coffee.

>Fresh Seafood, Meat, and Chicken.

>Even the Eggs are well presented.

>Pickles in an Irish Style… It is the most attractive shop in this market. Everyone dressed up in an Old Irish style even the shop name in Galic (obviously I don’t understand).

> How can you skip the sweettooth ? Home made Jam in a cute packing, which can be a good gift idea as well!

> A chocolate shop with a homemade collection + they have these beautiful pot covers, which are eye catching for me and for you as well.

> Last but not the least, locally picked Flowers. All fresh flowers straight from the garden.

Above these are my favorite shops from this market. I highly recommend, spend some time to feel actual vibes of this place. Experiencing a different culture, place, and the environment is my learning from this place!

Don’t forget to leave your comment! How do you feel about this Market, which is once visited by Queen Elizabeth?

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  1. Dia All The Things I Do

    So to be honest the thing that excited me the most was the olives. I love olives lol The building is just beautiful!

  2. Scott

    Are all markets in England called English Markets? We don’t call them American Markets over here – just wondering…

    • travelmyjourney

      Scott !! this market in Ireland! and this market is known as English Market!! and it’s the only market name like this !!

  3. Tasheena @

    This looks like a beautiful market. I love that it’s does too. It looks like they sell so many wonderful items at this market.

  4. Sharon S. Lopez

    Wow! Such a nice place! I wish I could visit there someday. It’s truly an admirable place and so neat. I would love to have a cup of coffee or two when I visit there. Hopefully…

  5. Emely

    This reminds me a lot of the Reading terminal in Philadelphia. You should check it out!

  6. Heather Johnson

    The English Market in Cork City looks like an amazing place to visit. I would love to check out all the architecture from the Victorian era!

  7. corinne & kirsty

    I love going to the market when I am at home. The smell, the energy, the colors. The building of the English market is so pretty! I’d love to wander through the stands

  8. Flossie McCowald | SuperMomHacks

    WOW – thanks for sharing those pics – esp. love the one of the egg display! My family has visiting Ireland on our bucket list, so I hope we can visit here someday!

  9. Milton Goh

    Such a pretty market! Love the little cute decorative features in it! No wonder the Queen visited this market. It is sooo delightful 🙂

  10. Adeyemisi

    I’m seriously looking forward to a time wen I’d have this much fun

  11. Gideon

    With the pictures you captured of this market it sure looks hygienic which is the most important attribute a market should have.

  12. Kirstine

    Nice little inspiring post with really great pictures. Makes me wanna visit

  13. Mary

    Your pictures are amazing and i know cork is a very beautiful city but never knew there was a market called the English market. Things are well laid out there i must say.

  14. Anne Yedlin

    It looks like a beautiful place! I appreciate the structures and the little window setups. So adorable. The shopping must be a fantastic experience!

  15. Deepa

    Oh I love those beautiful pot covers. The market looks great.. Something different.

  16. Regan

    This is so amazingly beautiful! A visit to Ireland is definitely on my bucket list. I would love to see where my ancestors came from. 🙂

  17. Ha Nguyen

    Honestly , i want to visit in this beautiful market . its such a great chance if i spend all day to wander this place . thank for your amazing review

  18. aareeba

    I loved your pictures and the market looks so clean . Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures

  19. Stefanie

    What a beautiful place! I love love love the pot covers 🙂

  20. Gloria

    The English Market in Cork City looks incredible. I could dive straight into those barrels filled with olives. HEAVEN!

  21. Tiffany

    I LOVE market places and this market looks so unique. Thanks so much for sharing it and your experience there.

  22. Amrita

    The pot covers are so pretty .Loved everything ,the sea food the chocolate the frsh flowers.Shopping here will be a party .

  23. David Elliott

    This looks like a fun little English marketplace. I love the covers for the teapots and the chocolates there as well. And the jams in cute packages are cool too.

  24. Bobbi

    I have never been to a market like this before. I would love to be able to experience it.

  25. Jennifer

    It does look quite charming! I would love to shop at the part with the olives first, and then finish off with the chocolates.

  26. Rika Hollinshead Stead

    I love going to markets in different places. Even if they are kind of “everyday” to the locals, it’s interesting to see what people but and sell in different places. (And this one isn’t the only one that smells like fish, lol!) I’ve never been to Cork City but would like to.

  27. Jackie |

    Nice pics! Architecture is awesome.

  28. Rosemerry Blash

    Beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing.

  29. Budget minds

    You have taken such a nice photograph which narrates your story so well. I would love to visit one day there. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  30. Shell

    I would adore spending the day at this his quaint market!!!!

  31. sincerelyophelia

    This place looks great. I’d love to visit. The building is such a classic.

  32. neha

    I like these kind of local markets. Even when I travel to places I try to buy from these local markets and cook. This is such a useful piece of information for me

  33. Marcie

    This reminds me a bit of Pike Place Market in Seattle. I’m now imagining all the smells together!

  34. Charmaine

    Wow, such a beautiful market. I like the idea of it and how it presents its market to people. Love it!

  35. Sarah

    That looks like a fun place to go! And you’re right, the architecture is amazing!!

  36. kelly reci

    wow such a lovely place! i wish i could go here someday

  37. Kate

    These are beautiful pictures! I’d love to visit this market someday!

  38. Shuang

    Great Job. I feel like you’ve absolutely captured the true essence of the market. Love your post to bits!

  39. rain

    the architecture of the building is so amazingly breathtaking. I love it . And the food looks so fresh. it made me hungry for fish.

  40. Miss Lady

    Beautiful architecture. It’s always exciting experiencing a new culture. I’ve developing a live for traveling and maybe I’ll visit here one day!

  41. fashionmommy

    The building is really beautiful, I love an interesting market hall. It looks like it sells a really interesting array of products too.

  42. Misty Nelson Dawn

    What an awesome post and looks a nice market I really love the Architecture and love to go there

  43. Monique

    I would love to check this out. Great post!

  44. Sharon

    Wow! So interesting! Thanks for the trip to the market!

  45. Leo T. Ly

    The building has a beautiful architecture and the place itself feels very unique. This market place feels different from the supermarket that I go to on a weekly basics. I would love to visit it someday.

  46. lex

    this is beautiful, not al markets have such amazing looks and structures. english market you call it, well now i can understand.

  47. Nina

    I love markets like this! I love trying food from all over. I also love supporting the small vendors.


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