English Market in Cork City is from 19th Century and based on Victorian building design.  This market is most visited by tourist to enjoy its beauty. This Market is more highlighted when Queen Elizabeth II took a tour to this place and met the traders and staff of this market.

My recent visit explores the new side of this place, which I captured on my camera. Let’s dip into my pictographs

Opening timing of English Market:

  • 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)

> An architecture of this market is beautiful and admirable.

Fact about this place which never revealed. This place smells badly cause of Meat and Fishes.Wondering how Queen Elizabeth stand and greet everyone?

This market includes a wide range of Irish food and culinary delights for everyone.

Must check things in English Market in Cork City:

> The local restaurant at first Floors. They offer a number of delicious food, tea, and coffee.

>Fresh Seafood, Meat, and Chicken.

>Even the Eggs are well presented.

>Pickles in an Irish Style… It is the most attractive shop in this market. Everyone dressed up in an Old Irish style even the shop name in Galic (obviously I don’t understand).

> How can you skip the sweettooth ? Home made Jam in a cute packing, which can be a good gift idea as well!

> A chocolate shop with a homemade collection + they have these beautiful pot covers, which are eye catching for me and for you as well.

> Last but not the least, locally picked Flowers. All fresh flowers straight from the garden.

Above these are my favorite shops from this market. I highly recommend, spend some time to feel actual vibes of this place. Experiencing a different culture, place, and the environment is my learning from this place!

Don’t forget to leave your comment! How do you feel about this Market, which is once visited by Queen Elizabeth?