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Connemara Day Tour is one the spectacular highlights of Ireland. My love for scenic beauty and Castle last forever.
On my 2 days trip to Galway, I spent a full day in Connemara National Park, Cong Village, and a beautiful Kylemore Castle. If you have missed my Galway excursion check this link.

Some footprints last forever and it is one of them, Let’s follow my wanderlust:

We traveled by Galway Tours, with the scenic heavens of Ireland roads and reach to our 1st destination.

Ross Errily Abbey:

A Truly special place from 14th Century. I am not a history kinda person, but I love its architecture. The framework of this abbey is very detailed like Irish history.

Connemara Tour

Connemara Tour

Cong Village:

It’s an admirable village from the 12th century. A walk to remember through woods to the monk fishing cottage on the river. My Pictorial Journey below:

Connemara Day Tour
Cong Village
Wishing Well ~Selfie
Connemara Day Tour
A Cottage @ Cong Village
The Quiet Man ~Statue

We spend an hour of exploration and boarded for the next stop.

Drive all the way to Lough Nafooey, Leenane to Killary Fjord.  

Connemara TourConnemara TourConnemara Tour

Kylemore Abbey & Garden:

Ireland’s most romantic fairytale Castle. A castle surrounded by mountains, with its own private lake, a Gothic cathedral, family mausoleum and a private garden. It was built by a wealthy doctor for his Wife when they move to Ireland. Huh !! it’s a true story. What else women need? Perfect place to fall in love thousand times.


Connemara Tour
Kylemore Lake View
Connemara Tour
Kylemore Castle
Gothic cathedral

We spend around 3 hours, discovering deep down the love this place shows. Stopped for a cup of tea with a view of these Woolies.

Connemara Tour

The most stunning part of this castle is the Victorian Walled Garden. there are two options to reach there either you walk or avail shuttle service (every 15 minutes).

Connemara Tour
Connemara Tour
Garden Wall
Connemara Tour
Garden Flowers

TO my wonder !! How this place was maintained with the lack of equipment and luxuries like nowadays. It always remains a question mark to me.

Leaving this fairytale behind with a promise that I will be back again… to our last stop

Inagh Valley:

Connemara is incomplete without the stay at Inagh Valley. It is also known as the home of fairies & goblins. and why not Inagh Valley have some majestic view to hold your heart.

Connemara day Tour
Inagh Valley

And to my surprise on our way back, I spotted a Connemara pony. It is one the unique breed of Horses with a kind heart and a well temperament nature. They were bought back  by viking and still openly spotted into Connemara National Park.

Connemara Day Tour

I highly recommend people visiting to Galway (Ireland) or its surrounding must take a tour to this place. Now show some love to my journey by commenting and Sharing. Keep rolling with me and TRAVEL MY JOURNEY.

45 Comments on Connemara Day Tour from Galway

Wynne Katherine said :Guest Report 9 months ago

I sometimes prefer to travel to a place that is filled with more nature beauty and not the hectic and hustle bustle of the city. I'm going to put this place on my bucket list as well!

    dee said :Guest Report 9 months ago

    Im heading to Ireland next month!! I love all your photos, great post. Thank You

      Emely said :Guest Report 9 months ago

      What a beautiful place. It reminds me very much of medieval times.

        Shell said :Guest Report 9 months ago

        Wow! I dream to visit here one day! Pinning to save!!

          Aine said :Guest Report 10 months ago

          From Mayo but Galway is my 2nd favourite county love the wilds of the Irish countryside

            margarette said :Guest Report 10 months ago

            Cool. If I am there I would def try the Wishing well. Those Castle are amazing. Oh well I love every pic you have taken. Thanks for sharing.

              AllMyDeals said :Guest Report 10 months ago

              Amazing place and the photos are well captured

                Ashley Cook said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                wow, how beautiful. My grandmother came over from Ireland and It is a bucket list item for me to get there. Seeing your pictures is feeding my desire lol

                  kelly reci said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                  thanks for sharing it! it was really nice place, i would like to go here!

                    Lesli said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                    What beautiful pictures! The travel bug has definitely hit me! I am going to have to start planning a trip soon!

                      Courtney said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                      Ive never even heard of this place lol. Great pot though and I love you pictures.

                        Sasha said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                        gorgeous photographs! I want to visit Ireland so badly, but haven't had the chance yet...

                          angie said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                          what a beautiful place with so much history I would love to visit and hear all the stories

                            Mjchristine said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                            Wow, it's just like a living place in a fairytale..picturesque view from the mountains to the castles, lovely!

                              Jennifer L said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                              Wow this looks straight from a fairytale! I just love the history and the architecture everywhere.

                                Rosey said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                My fave part was the Kylemore Castle! So beautiful and stunning!

                                  Elizabeth O said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                  Everything I see about travel in Ireland makes me want to pack a bag and go. These photos sjieczsd the beauty of another great place to see there.

                                    travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 10 months ago

                                    Esse D ! If you kinda natural beauty person then you must visit Ireland

                                      David Elliott said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                      All of these places look so beautiful. I love the old architecture of the buildings. And it's kind of cool that they erected a Quiet Man statue.

                                        Blair villanueva said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                        That Kylemore Castle looks splendedly stunning. Its a magical backdrop for wedding shoot. Do they permit it?

                                          Esse D said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                          I just recently considered putting Ireland on my bucket list. There was a really good Groupon flight deal for it. I'm still undecided although you make it seem worthwhile.

                                            Jill Conyers said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                            Beautiful photos. The color of the sky is eye catching.

                                              Ankita said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                              How stunning! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland.. beautiful picture..:)

                                                kelly reci said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                Ireland is a country with lots of historical background. I would love to explore old ruins and old buildings there. I haven't seen a wishing well before so i'd like to try that too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!

                                                  Robin Rue said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                  This looks like it was such a beautiful trip. I have always wanted to see this country!

                                                    Gideon said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                    Unlike you am a history kinda person.. I love history a lot and you have some amazing photos of your Galway Tour.

                                                      Rosey said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                      We've only been to one city in Ireland but it was really nice. I'd love to go back.

                                                        Courtney said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                        Looks like I found another place to add to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing and I love your pictures.

                                                          Denay DeGuzman said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                          Last weekend friends and I were just discussing that a trip to Ireland is on our bucket list. Thank you for sharing so many gorgeous images. The cathedral and gothic castle - wow!

                                                            Angela East said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                            I have never considered visiting Ireland, but after seeing all of your beautiful photos, I really want to. Those castles are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

                                                              Sarah-Louise Bailey said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                              Ireland looks so beautiful. Like the Cathedral buildings and red color flower gardens. Adding this to my travel list .

                                                                Heather Johnson said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                The Connemara Day Tour sounds and looks absolutely amazing. I would love to check out all those historic sites!

                                                                  Amber Myers said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                  What an amazing place to explore. I always like looking at old abbey's. I am a HUGE history person.

                                                                    Ashvin Nankoo said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                    Ireland looks awesome! I love the Cong village, it looks so cute and quaint! I've been to Europe quite a lot but not Ireland! Next destination, Ireland

                                                                      corinne & kirsty said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                      Ireland does look amazing! your pictures are so nice! i have never been but you'd love too xx corinne

                                                                        internationalcaty said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                        Ireland is such a beautiful country. It is on my list to visit and basically do my first driving travel.

                                                                          jean said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                          Old buildings are so pretty!

                                                                            GiGi Eats said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                            Exploring old ruins is one of my most favorite things to do!!

                                                                              suchi said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                              Ireland is beautiful...love the pics!

                                                                                Helen said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                                Connemara looks such a beautiful place, although all of Ireland is pretty gorgeous isn't it! I love the cathedral and abbey they're both just stunning.

                                                                                  Agnes said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                                  Wow, Galway is a really beautiful place. I love the castles and greenery around. Will remember to check it out if I'm in that area.

                                                                                    My Teen GUide said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                                    Wow. I have never been to Ireland before and this place you visited is stunning! I loved the Kylemore castle. That wealthy doctor must have loved his wife so much to build this massive home for her. The walled garden is fantastic! Hope to be able to visit someday!

                                                                                      Chelsea elizabeth said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                                      It looks absolutely beautiful! I've got a thing about villages, they're so cute! I adore the wishing well too

                                                                                        Vanhishikha said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                                        Seeing all these gorgeous pictures, is certainly giving me serious travel goals! Great idea, I look forward to more. :)

                                                                                          Emily Marshall said :Guest Report 11 months ago

                                                                                          My boyfriend goes on and on about how pretty galway is and you have convinced me I need to go there! It looks soo pretty!

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