To visit Cobh Ireland immediately on my bucket lists when I heard it was the last stop of Titanic Ship. Yes, I am among those whose childhood passed by living in the fairytale of Titanic stories. I don’t want to waste time, pack my day bag and witness the city by myself. Cobh is located on the south coast of Cork and very well known for its seaport. We drive all the way from Dublin to Cobh, which was fun. Again road tripping in Ireland and the more we travel Ireland, we love this Emerald Isle. This part was undiscovered by Travel my Journey, but really Cobh gives us a Reason to come back again. Cobh is definitely different from the other cities and deserves a visit, you can always plan a weekend break or a day trip to Cobh to discover the beauty of Ireland. Check out my 10 reasons to visit Cobh, Ireland. Just add this beautiful town to your bucket lists without wasting time!

Reason to Visit Cobh Ireland

1. Cobh Ireland was Titanic’s last stop

The best part… Ireland preserves that town in the memories of last passengers being on board. Titanic museum was made on the same historical building where once the passengers departed from Ireland to Titanic ship. The museum itself very interesting where you buy the tickets and get the original tickets for the ship back to old time. Full guided tour available with lots of information. For me its very interesting living the moment alive being as a passenger of the 3rd Class on the Titanic ship. Pro tips: They have engaging and interactive games for kids in the museum. So it’s a kids friendly museum.

2. Cobh Ireland Most Picturesque town

The second biggest reason to visit Cobh is the beautiful picturesque town. Yes!! my Instagram is flooded with the Cobh Scenic view. Where the Cathedral the centerpiece of the town standstill with the deck of brightly colored houses all lie around which hardly seen any other towns in Ireland.

3. 2nd Largest Natural Harbour

Cobh has the 2nd largest Harbour after Sydney, Australia. This is quite amazing and gives a reason to visit Cobh. We spend some time for sunset and admire the colors of nature on the Natural Harbour.

4. Spot Cruiser linear

It’s famous for its cruiser Linears. A number of cruises all over the world can be seen entire the year. If you are a fan of cruise visiting, you can schedule your visit according to the cruises availability. For more information Click here to see cruise available on the port.

5. Cathedral Architecture of Cobh Ireland

As I have mentioned above cathedral is the centerpiece of Cobh and its way beautiful from inside as compared to outside. Irish architecture always my choice of visit and your trip will be incomplete without admiring the beauty of Cobh’s Cathedral.

6. Historic of Emigrants Port

Cobh departs around 2.5 million Irish people to North America in past. It holds the significant history of Irish emigrants. Even the 1st immigration to NewYork was made from Cobh, Ireland. Learn not more exciting stories of Irish emigrant at Heritage Center and find your ancestors at your visit to cobh

7. Self Drive Boat Tour at Cobh Ireland

Cobh has numbers of water activities, among them most highlighted and a perfect family adventure is a self-drive boat tour. Hire a boat and discover the Harbour by yourself. Click here to for more info.

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8. Spikes island

Spikes Island can be one of the reasons to visit Cobh. Its a star shape Island, which holds 2300 prisons at the Victorian time and was full of dynamic stories. To visit Spikes Island you need a short cruise tour which gives the beautiful view of the Cobh town. So Cobh holds its own prisoner island which none of the towns have!

9. Fota Island is nearby

Yes!! Right, Fota Island is hardly 10 minutes drive. Fota is one the biggest wildlife park and resorts in Ireland. Ideal place for family holidays, if the time permits visiting Fota Island from Cobh or vice versa is the best addition to your family holidays.

10. Neighborhood to Cork City

If you want to skip the busy city life and want to stay in a calm little Irish town than Cobh is your choice. Whereas Corky city is nearby and easy to access any time. Even you staying in the Cork City, Cobh can be your day tour choice. Cork and Blarney Castle These are my top 10 Reasons to visit Cobh, Ireland. As we had a great fun, staying and discovering the Cobh Town and surely we will visit again. Click below to see our highlight of our visit to Cobh, Ireland and dont forget to share our journey to your love ones.