Trying to book cheap Disneyland Paris holidays, is a dream of every individual. Age doesn’t matter, all you need a good planning and tips to book your next holidays to Disneyland Paris.

“Disneyland” itself a magical word! Where our imagination ends magic starts from there, means something out of the box.

If you are travelholic like me… then you need to stay on a budget, not to save money but to book another holiday in a row. These are my test and tired tips to book cheap holidays to Disneyland Paris. I am always lazy when it’s booking to holidays, somewhere it’s kinda difficult to get things cheaper and better. Here are some of the key tips which will help you to book your next cheap Disneyland Holidays. 

Tips to book cheap Disneyland Paris holidays

Yes! I have a handful of advice and tips which can reduce your cost and made your trip budget-friendly.

Booking Cheap Air tickets/ Euro Train:

  • By air:

There are three airports near Disneyland Paris, check each one individually for cheap flights.

The trick we used to book tickets to Paris, France. Booked a separate one-way ticket with different airlines.

i.e. (Dublin airport) to Paris (Orly Airport) from Transavia airline and return Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) to (Dublin airport) from Aer Lingus. 

We saved 50 euro on each ticket.

Transavia is a local budget airline of France, hence they offer quite low price tickets at the last minute booking with no hidden charges. Our overall experience was good and will try them again for sure.

  • Euro train:
Book in advance, the more advanced you book the cheaper tickets you get.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are always expensive and crowded avoid these days for the stress-free holidays. To book the best deals of Euro Train + Disneyland Paris Check MAGIC BREAKS << Click to browse more

Cheap Transfers to Disneyland Paris:

One of the main Cost you need to sort before landing is Transfers. Airports are about 45-30 minutes away. Book from magical shuttles for cheap transfers to Disneyland. If you book roundtrip online get 10% off for more. For booking and more update click here ((MAGICAL SHUTTLE)).  Fares start from adult 23€ and child 10€ under 2 goes FREE. If you already booked with the Disney hotel or partners Disney Hotels transfer includes, notify them your arriving time for pickup.  

Booking Cheap Hotel at Disneyland Paris: 

Staying inside the Disneyland Paris Hotel is a Dream. Lets be more realistic we won’t be hanging out an entire day in the hotel room, then why to pay more. Select any of your budget partner’s Disney hotels. It will save half of your money. Best part they have free transfers to Disneyland Park which runs every 10 minutes (pick and Drop). We stayed in a Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland Paris which turns out very good we paid 240 euro for 2 nights from ebookers. It’s a 4-star luxury hotel, beautiful with all the basic necessary things we need. Transfer to Disneyland park every 10 minutes with the real time notification on the reception. Download Ebookers apps on phone and get extra discounts on your booking.

Booking Cheap Disneyland Paris Attraction tickets:

There are many websites offers some discounts or any add-on coupons, which can save your money. We used Attraction Tickets for booking, where we saved 60 euros on two tickets + Fastpass+ 15% off on Planet Hollywood and Earl of Sandwich Disney. No long queue to get tickets, print your email and get your tickets on the gate (Simple and handy). Click here to book now For more also check these websites to check out more discounts or deals and all three of them offers low price tickets and they are not Spams.

For Booking Overall Cheaps Deals to Disneyland Paris (Hotel+Tickets):

Moreover, if you still wanted to stay in the Park hotels check Magic Breaks they always have some great offers with the attraction tickets, transfers, and Shows.   Also, check the official website of Disneyland Paris in French and German. Let me clear this point every website offers different prices, keep translating the page if you have a language barrier and book online. For direct links click here French German More Pro-Tips: Pre-book 6-month priority/ Keep looking for deals by subscription email offers.

Download Disney App on your iPhone/Smartphone:


Time is money, the more you organize cheaper your holidays can be. Download Disney app before you land and make yourself familiarized with the area and rides you must visit. For us it’s very helpful, we marked the rides with a toddler, calculate the time and observe the crowded timing a week before. App updates real-time waiting for rides.

A new feature introduced now you can buy a fast pass from the app, no more hassle running around the park just Click and Collect on your Disney app. 

Avoid French Holidays:

Yes! French holidays. Big No to those days as the parks have long queues to wait. Over pricy hotels and everything in chaos. French holiday calendar is different, so whenever you book check French holidays timetable. You will save a lot of time and money.

Buy or Pack Snacks in Advance:

  Pack your snacks in advance from the local store or from home and carry them in your bags (not too much). Buying snacks inside the park can be expensive for huge or small families. Single Popcorns cost around 5 euro-10 euros, and again you will lose a lot of time in snacking break. Pro Tip: We snacked while waiting in the long waiting queue of rides. Save time and enjoyed one more extra ride.

Cut the Cost of Water at Disneyland Paris:

I never know the water of small bottle cost me 4 euros inside the  Disneyland Paris. Yes!! 4 euros for a small water bottle. Disneyland parks are fully equipped with the drinkable water taps at a different location, where you can refill your water bottles. Bring your favorite water bottles in advance, refill water and save money. 

Shop DIsney Costumes/ Gifts in Advance:

I feel ripped off in the Disney souvenir stores. Many items are on full price, which I had purchased them on deals or half price from my local Disney store Ireland. Would recommend my readers to purchase things in advance.

Penney/Primark and F&F (Tesco) have an adorable collection of Disney stuff to stay in Budget. Check online for different offers on Disney store, grab them in advance  Even if you want to surprise your child buy things in advance and hide them in your luggage and gift them there, It will save a lot of money and you can 

If you plan well, everything is possible. These are my tips which can help you to book cheap holidays in Disneyland Paris! Feel free to contribute your tips with us. So I can plan my next Disneyland Holidays Again.