“My Travel Bug brings me to Brussels to Bruges”

After Discovering Brussels my Next Stop is for Bruges so find out what is this place all about? Some common questions in your mind before heading towards Brussels to Bruges!

Are Brussels and Bruges the same place?

Big No! Brussels is the capital of Belgium and Bruges is the Venice of the North. Means Bruges is one of the cities with the canals.



Brussels to Bruges bus or train and How far it is?

Both options are available, but it’s not a good idea to travel by public bus. As Buses drive inside from city to city and sometimes stuck into the traffic badly which may affect travel time.

The best option is to select a train. Timetable of the train is very flexi and you can get a train every 30 minutes from the stations of Brussels. Travel time for this train 1:05 hour to 1:15 hours.

Reviews about Belgium Train System?

Always on time! You need to be a bit quick as they hardly stop for 10 minutes. So pack your bags and a quick jump into it! Very clean trains with toilet facilities with a lovely view to enjoy all your journey.

How to cover Brussels to Bruges in a day tour?

Yes, you can cover! there is a tour from Brussels to Ghent and Bruges. But to my recommendation, it’s so much for a day. At least stay over a night to feel the real essence of this place.

How is the Weather of Bruges?

Bruges weather is a bit colder than Brussels. Travel with layers or at least a light jacket with you even in summers. Evenings are cold and you can face unpredictable rain anytime. Go for a Raincoat as well!

What is the best possible way of discovering Bruges?

Sightseeing can be done by five different ways in Bruges:

By Foot:

I love walking all around the Bruges city, the more you walk more you will discover hidden streets and gems. Walking in Bruges is fun and typically the best in all the mediums. Free walking tours available, Click Here for more details.

By Bicycle:

A Second best way to discover this city. As Bruges is more welcoming to riders and walkers. But unfortunately, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. But here is a glimpse that how people enjoying on the bicylce.

By Jaunting Cart:

You can have Jaunting Cart experience to feel the full vibes of the city. It cost 50 euro for 20 minutes, which is a bit expensive. Still, it’s a unique experience, especially with the kids.

 By Boat:

Bruges have 20 canals in the city that can be discovered by boats. Each boat stop covers different canal. I will recommend searching the area 1st if you have limited time. Each ride cost you 8 euro per/person and about 20 minutes duration! Boating in Bruges is the best thing I found and that is why it is called “North of Venice”.

City-Tour Mini Bus Tour:

After walking medium Mini bus tour is the best way to discover Bruges. These mini buses give a full panoramic view of the City.Cover each and every bit and this tour will take you to the end of the city to show the wind mills. Bus tour cost Adult 20 euro and child 15 euro. Duration is about 50 minutes and it starts every 30 minutes interval. The only limitation is no service available when it’s a car free zone day. Click here for information. 

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Is Bruges toddler/Child-friendly place?

An environment of Bruges is very welcoming to toddlers and Children. It’s an old city and streets are not buggy friendly, unfortunately. The entire city is by walk or by boat which is why it is very tough to scroll a buggy/Pram with us. Else this place has a bunch of offers for children to have fun.

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My travel tips for anyone traveling first time to Bruges. If you been to Bruges and have something more to share with us leave a Comment. Stay with my Journey to Travel more…..