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How to see Brussels in 2 Days (Day 2 Itinerary)

How to see Brussels in 2 Days (Day 2 Itinerary)

Recap: Click Belgium Travel guide and Brussels in 2 days (day 1 itinerary) . Now how to see brussels in 2 day (Day 2).

Brussels is one of the cities, where tourist are welcome as a special guest. Brussels is versitle for its visitors and also counted as the most secured cities in the world.

Welcome back to my Day 2 excursion to Brussels:

Brussels in 2 Days (Day 2 Itinerary)


  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart

It’s a big modern Church and the thing which not to be missed in Brussels. If a good weather take a walk towards the Park.

Brussels in 2 days

  • Belgian Chocolate Village

Belgium in incomplete without Belgian Chocolate. To have a perfect perk do visit Chocolate Village.

brussels in 2 days

Fun Fact: Brussels International Airport is one of the world’s largest chocolate sellers.

  • Belgian Comic Strip Center

One of the highlights of Belgium is Comics which is everyone favourite since childhood. There are three most famous Belgian comics Tintin, Smurfs and Lucky Luke. We all grew up watching Tintin which is my favourite. To discover how they are made visit Belgian Comic center.

Via tripadvisor

  • Place Royale

Once in the history this is the market Market square of Brussels. Do stop and click some pictures.

  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts

If you are a fine art lover, make sure you visit this place. A museum where you can find a huge collection of italian and french art.

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  • The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the official living place for King and Queen. To discover more you can visit inside to have a vibe of their living.

  • Parc du Cinquantenaire

It’s a beautiful 30 hectares park and number of museums inside. If you left with more time and a good weather explore its beauty.


  • Notre-Dame du Sablon

Lastly stop over Notre Dame Church. It is Gothic master piece art work, which made you fall in love at 1st glance.

My journey ends for Brussels.. This city inspires me to come back again and discover more.


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Note: This post is on my personal experience and opinion it differ a person to person.


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  1. Heather Johnson

    I would love to visit the Belgian Chocolate Village sometime! Yummers! I sadly have never been out of the US yet.

  2. Gideon

    Some amazing photos of the beautiful city Brussel would love to pay a visit someday.

  3. Lalie

    Your pictures are amazing and I hope I can go there someone day!

  4. Jessie

    Looks like a gorgeous place to visit! Might have to add this to my travel list!


    Living in Brussels, I would say you caught it pretty good 🙂

  6. Amber Myers

    I love your photos. I went to high school in Belgium and I miss it. I remember going to Brussels a few times–we went to the giant movie theater!

  7. Rose

    I would love to see all the gorgeous buildings. Of course the chocolate would be a perk and I would gladly walk the calories off checking out all the sights.

  8. Jenny Finnney

    I have never been to Brussels but I absolutely love all the buildings and structures that are shown here. I definitely would have to visit the Notre Dame Church and the Royal Palace, if ever visited.

  9. Jeuelle

    This looks like a fantastic itinerary for only 2 days in this beautiful city! I’m looking forward to visiting with my family soon.

  10. Andi

    It looks beautiful, and the art is very rich Thank you for sharing.

  11. Barbie's Beauty Bits

    So much beauty, I would have to spend more than two days there. This is a place on my bucket list!

  12. jhilmil

    Wow Brussels has those beautiful architectures, amazed. Great photos clicked here. Would love to visit someday soon.

  13. chandres

    Grt and we were planning to spend 5 nights in feb 2018 to discover this place ..

  14. Anosa

    Brussels will always be my favorite. I guess I will never get tired of its beauty. I will be looking forward to revisiting it again.

  15. Alethea

    Lovely architecture. Brussels has such a rich history. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Blair villanueva

    I am literally starstrucked with these beautiful architectures of the basilicas and palace. How i wish we have more of these grandeur herr in my country. Brussels you are definitely in my list!

  17. Ellie Chan

    Its been years since I was in Brussels but I remember it well, I loved it there! Especially the chocolates (I was a teen when I was there!)

  18. David Elliott

    Brussels does look absolutely amazing. The museum and the palace I would love to go to but of course, I can’t forget about Notre Dame.

  19. Christopher Mitchell

    I went to Brussels not too long ago, and you’ve done a nice job of covering your bases on this one. So much so that you make me want to head on back!

  20. Jessie

    Wow what a beautiful country! You covered it very well!

  21. tara pittman

    If I had a chance to visit this place, I would go straight to the chocolate village. I do love Belgium chocolate.

  22. Real Women Talk 2

    Brussels looks amazing! It is definitely a place I would love to visit.

  23. sara

    What a great way to see Brussels! I would love to spend a few days there, so many wonderful things to see.

  24. nefeli

    I would like to travel to Brussels. Love beautiful architectures. Great photos

  25. Tiffany

    Brussels looks so beautiful! I hope I get a chance to visit. I must see Notre-Dame and the Parc du Cinquantenaire, Great photos!

  26. Blair villanueva

    I just recebtly oublished my blog post about our locally made chocolatr, and am still have an hungover with it. And reading your post today, and spotted the Belgian Chocolate Village, wow! Definitely i must see it in reality soon!

  27. Urvi

    Brussels is in my bucket list. Love your pictures specially the Belgian chocolate one. Thanks for sharing

  28. maren

    i’ve been in brussels , and i loved it! great and beautiful city!

  29. Sheri

    Brussels is a great place to visit and we had so much fun when we were there and also visited Bruges.

  30. Amrita

    Notre Dame church is gorgeous .I would love to visit the palace and the museum.Brussels is on my list

  31. Donah @ SJB

    Brussels is a wonderful place. I had been there yet I haven’t visited Parc du Cinquantenaire yet, too bad but anyway, there will always be next time. Brugges is also wonderful!

  32. Jennine Updike

    Hiya, This is a fantastic website, thank you for taking the time to write the article. Have a fantatstic day.


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