Flight landed to (BELGIUM) Brussels European Political Hub.. Sounds boring !! There is much more to discover about this beautiful destination. Lets dig out ! How to see Brussels in 2 Days perfectly  ?

Brussels in 2 Days:

On the basis of my visit, I am dividing Brussels into two parts.

  • Central Brussels, it is mainly by Walk, discovering city center, atomium and mini Europe.
  • European Brussels is the part where all museums, parliament European and Park of Brussels.

Brussels Day 1 :

  • Grand Place

It is one of the most spectacular Central squares in Europe. The center have Kings House surrounded by other guildhalls. Each building in symbolized with the business trademark on the top which made this place unique for trading purpose. It is the most visited place in Brussels by tourists.

Brussels in 2 days


Tip: Visit Grand Place in morning to feel the market palace and at night to feel the magical royalty of this place.

  • Everard t’Serclaes

Everard momentum is near Grand place area and holds an important history. It is believe touching this momentum will bring good luck to you with a promise to bring you back to Brussels. This momentum will lead you to our next destination.

Brussels in 2 days

  • Manneken Pis

It’s a bronze 61cm long statue which is landmark of Brussels. Manneken Pis is the 3rd famous statue in world. This statue is dressed up on every special occasion. On my visit its naked and Peeing on everyone (Sounds Funny).

Brussels in 2 days


  • Grand Arcade / Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in french is a shopping arcade. A french architecture with a glazed roof top. It’s a long straight market place where you can take break on a rainy day with a waffle and tea or selection of your chocolate.

Brussels in 2 days

  • Atomium

Atomium is the Symbol of Brussels ! It is a mega structure which was constructed as a display project at Expo 1958. These gigantic 9 sphere building offers 360 panoramic view of Brussels. If you are a science lover, visit this place to enjoy the light show inside the escalator.

Brussels in 2 days

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  • Mini Europe

Spend rest of your time exploring Mini Europe ! It’s a fun place for everyone. It is the only park in Europe, which shows 80 cities at a time. Full of Education for children to give them a vibes of different places and culture all around the Europe.

Brussels in 2 days Brussels in 2 days

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End of Day 1 with all the major sightseeing. Mostly things are by walk which I summarized, will give you ease to discover more.  If you have limited time and staying for 24 hours can follow this Itinerary to cover the major sightseeing.

Tip : City sightseeing Brussels is a waste of money and as buses are not frequent and on time (my own experience).


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