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It’s my 2nd Award in three months of blogging and I am Super Duper delighted to be nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award !! I am thankful to Lauren from Mothering Honestly for nominating me for this, THANK YOU! Lauren’s blog name speaks all. Yes! she runs a Mom blog with her honest reviews being a mother.

What is Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition award isn’t a physical award given in person, but an online award between bloggers and our readers. It is one of the best ways to promote and motivate new bloggers in town!

Why did I start blogging? 

Sitting in my Digital Media Class and learning benefits of blogging, just hit me with an idea to start a blog! Wait holds on !!! What’s my niche? I keep scrolling my mind !! Which reminds me… once I receive a msg on Snapchat !! Are you a travel Blogger? This is how I select my Niche. YES, I love to travel, write and Snap. But traveling with a toddler is a bit challenging. My simple idea is to be a travel blogger with the pictograph. And yes I achieved it! It’s one the best decision I have ever taken in my life. I always wanted to express myself in a unique way and through blogging, I can express my passion for travel to everyone.

Advice I would give to new bloggers

  1. Time Management: If you want to achieve something, it’s one of the important tips. The more you manage, more you will achieve. 
  2.  Be confident! What ever you do stick to it! Blogging is a slow process. Patience is the important key to reach the success.   

My nominations… and 15 blogs you SHOULD check out!

  1. Blackellis –  blackellis.ro
  2.  Kristal – eclectickristal.com
  3. Elliegance & Grace – ellieganceandgrace.com
  4. Vinod Verma – socialbird.in
  5. Jordan – jordanmwa.com
  6. AMBER LYNN – adventuresofamberlynn.com
  7. Isabelle – lifewithisabelle.com
  8. Eleanor–  eleaanormay.com
  9. Bebe Shamo – bebeshamo.com
  10. Ali Kilduff Duran – chasingalligators.com
  11. Lesli Clark Snow – organizedkaoss.com
  12. Laura – sophisticatedrust.com
  13. Saidy – simplysaidy.com
  14. Deja Dorsey–  dejadorsey.com
  15. ISABELLA – izzywears.com

Thank you for reading! Stay Connected 

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Congratulations. Great job.

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