The word “Travel” always fascinate me unless I am fully equipped with my best travel essentials. Here is my handy list of best travel essentials without them I cannot leave my house to start my journey.

My Best Travel Essentials Gadget while traveling:

Smart Phone

“Smart phone for Smart People.”

Best Travel Essential

Every Minute Essential Gadget. Easy to carry, Light Weight and multi-function Gadget.

It’s recommended to buy a good smartphone which is compatible with Communication, Wi-Fi, Maps, Pictures, Videos and  Internet Services.

Corns of carrying Smartphones are short-term batteries, getting lost or stolen easily.

Solar Charger/ Power Charger

“Do we need a Solar Charger/Power Charger? 

Stress-free travelling needs to be  fully Charged.”

A solar charger is a new option to refuel your gadgets. The basic Solar charger of 12 watts takes about one hour and 50 minutes to charge iPhone 6, whereas 100-200Wh is super quick in charging. These chargers required Sunlight but they can backup themselves from the UV rays as well.

Corns of these charges are the big sizes at the moment.


“Should you bring Laptop while travelling ? A big Yes !!”


What if you need to work remotely or to send an Emails to your co-worker?

Or you want to Book various trips in a less time. Laptops have better Battery life and a proper storage backup, where you can transfer all your pictures and videos very quickly.

Corns are the big size and weight. It could be easily stolen, damage, destroy or lost. Cover insurance for a relaxing Holiday/Vacation.


“What is this Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Headphone On, World Off”

Add Noise-Cancelling Headphones for traveling gadget. It’s ideal for blocking unnecessary noise and can entertain you at the same time.

Corns of Noise cancellation Headphones are very bulky and expensive. Are you a frequent traveler? This is the best gadget for you.


Travel Plug Converter

“Do Plug Converter worth Buying?

Yes, specially when you are travelling to different Country.”


Every essential travel list has this Universal Adapters. Different parts of the world have different adaptors.  Always buy very good quality for longer use. Try not to purchase overpriced Junk adaptors from souvenir shops and airports.

Multi-Purpose Cables

“Why Multi-Purpose cables ?

Save space and easy to handle.”

Multi-purpose Cable has Smartphone connection, Tablets/IPad, Power chargers and Mac book/air all in one. No more messing or losing up cables. This can easily connect to your adapters or any USB plug to charge your gadget!

Always carry an extra pair of cables with you to avoid any mishap.


These are my very Essential List of Gadgets !! What is yours? Do Contribute your essentials in Comments to update this List !!