Packing for Greece ??

These are some frequent questions come across your mind !!

Useful TIPS for GREECE


  • When to visit Greece?

I recommend visiting Greece in April, September, and October. Weather is milder with less crowded of tourist.

May-August are very Hot and crowded more (if you are looking for a sun then this is a perfect time)

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  • How to travel Greece on a budget?

Travelling in April, September, and October can give you a straight chance to have 20% off on most the tourism services like ferry, flights, and accommodation.

Pre-book your tour about 6 months in advance, to pay the least amount. Always buy Combo of sight-seeing.

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  • What language does Greece Speak? Are People friendly in tourism?

They understand and speak English. Local people are very friendly and ready to help you every time.

  • How expensive is Greece?

Greece is less expensive as compared to the rest of the European countries like Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam. Planning holidays in Greece significantly cheaper than the rest of Europe.

  • Is Athens Greece near Beach?

Athens is a Capital of Greece. It has a unique historical background. Beaches are hardly a half hour away from the city which is plus point staying in Athens.

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  • Where to stay in Athens Greece?

I recommend staying in City Centre(Acropolis) as most the tourist place is by walk and into the city. You can always try to find a suitable hotel with a view of Acropolis which will make your holidays more memorable.

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  • How much local transport cost in Greece?

Taxis are very cheap to afford local transport. All main city has huge connected transportation system.  It is a combination of City buses, trolley-buses Athens Metro, Tram, and  Suburban railway all in one. Buy 5 days all mode ticket for the cheaper option to avail.

  • Greece which island to choose? Which is the best island?

There is 19 best island in Greece, depend on how much time you have to explore. 3 Greek island (Aegina, Pores, and Hydra) are very near to Athens where you can day trip. The Best island is Santorini known for the white villa and exotic beaches.

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  • Greece travel with infant/ toddler?

I traveled Greece (Athens) with a toddler. Greece is not at all Baby/ Toddler-friendly place. Due to the low population of babies, there is no infrastructure for small kids. Hardly found baby changing area in the public place. Streets are not buggy/pram friendly. All the sight-seeing not accessible by buggy/Prams. Loose chips, slops and lots of stairs which is not an ideal situation for toddlers.

Still, you booked your holidays for me, bring carrier bag for baby/toddlers with you. Take Strong wheel buggy/ prams. Hats and umbrella to protect from the sun.  And Get ready to hold them tight with you to have a fun.

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My Toddler in Greece

Hope these tips are helpful to you. Don’t forget to comment and leave more tips if you have any!