Never Stop Exploring! Road trips are always fun. My last road trip for Sligo is a big success with a toddler. Yes right! But How Come?  Road trip shares its own inconveniences, but no more I have linked all best car gadgets for the road trip to make your short breaks fun-filled.

Let’s not waste time and Bump into my essential Car gadgets and accessories for the road trips.

10 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for Road Trips:

They are my must-have gadget accessories for road trips. I always carry them for a stress-free Road trips.

USB Flash Drive:

I always keep separate my USB Flash Drive for a car. When on road trips, the best DJ is You! With a simple drag and drop you can fill this 32gb USB memory stick with your favorite songs and make your journey joyful.

Car Gadget Holder:Best Car gadgets for road trips

An essential part of a road trip is GPS Navigation and a device to hold your mobile phone to keep an eye on the Maps.  Soft Tube Car Holder does the job here.  This fantastic dashboard or windshield mount car holder holds your mobile phone for easy access.  Its adjustable ball joint makes it easy to position your device horizontally or vertically. It also allows you to tilt in any direction to create perfect position for viewing

Car Kit FM Transmitter:

Best Car gadgets for road trips


With this Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit FM Transmitter, you can enjoy the music and answer the call in a hands-free mode without refitting your car, which ensures the safe driving while enjoying music. It supports Bluetooth hands-free talking, FM transmitter, USB disc, Micro SD card MP3, WMA music format and Bluetooth stereo music play. It has an excellent sound quality with a D.S.P solution for echo cancellation.

Power Bank:Best Car gadgets for road trips

No matter if you charge your mobile phone overnight, there is always a time the battery will start to run low during the day especially on rod trips. I have Ksix Power Bank portable power bank that can charge your iPhone over four times. It carries two USB ports where you can charge two devices simultaneously with an output parameter of 5V 2.1A which is remarkably fast.  A USB-Micro USB cable is included in the kit. Best of all, unlike some power banks that lose their juice after a few uses.

Car Charger:

This is the top essential gadget need to carry on a road trip is the speedy Double USB Car Charger 2.4A is a fast speed car charger, compatible with mobile phones, tablets, iPad and other digital devices. the best thing it has 2 USB charging ports, which makes my gadget speedy Charger.

Otterbox Defender Tablet/Ipad cases:

One of my essential purchase on a road trip is defender Tablet/Ipad cover for my toddler. These are perfect heavy-duty 3 layer protective cases with an inbuilt screen protector. This otter box defender withstands scratches, drops, bumps, and shock as you travel. It also includes Belt-clip holster that acts as a kickstand for hands-free media viewing. I am stress-free to hand over iPad to my son while on roads. Protection is better than prevention.


UAG Mobile Cover:Best Car gadgets for road trips

At the End something for my own device. As a blogger, my top gadget needs to be protected perfectly. I want something very protective yet stylish and not too bulky. Mobile tech offered me UAG cases, which is very Lightweight and Drop-Test approved. The Softly raised rubber screen-lip and rear skid pads provide 360-degree protection for your iPhones.


VR Glasses:

This is my recent addition to make my son super busy.  He enjoys on the back seat while traveling with 3D content, Virtual Reality games or any 360 grads videos on a smartphone. The device I have KSIX VR Sound VR Glasses with Headphones is with the headphones comfortably holds my smartphone. This device really the best addition to my road trip.

best car gadget for road trip

These are my best Car Gadgets for road trips. Purchasing a good quality at a low price online gadgets/ accessories is always a big hassle for me. My recent experience with Click to visit ( really works well for me.Let me know, which of the above accessories and gadgets do you consider essential? Comment Below and if you missing any gadget order online and get 15% off by this unique code.


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Car Gadgets in Road trip

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