Time for my Belgium Travel Guide Experience!
I booked my tickets from Ireland~Brussels. Yes !! I planned to visit Belgium only this time. Sound surprising? Belgium sounds bit dry, whenever you search for this place it shows EU political hub and bla bla !! Like seriously I am planning for holidays wanted to relax. To my surprise, I found Belgium completely different from my prediction. It is full of architecture, friendly locals, heaven for foodies and full of beauty.  Below are my reviews about different topics which can be helpful for your trip to Belgium:



I usually judge places by my experience on a Taxi ride. Brussels is the only place where my taxi fare is same as I calculated the online fare. Taxis in Belgium are very well equipped, clean and modern.

Belgium Travel Guide


I use train Brussels ~ Bruges. Perfect timing 12:13 am means accurate. You need to be quick don’t waste time as they have limited time at each stop. Affordable, Clean and perfect to have a glimpse around the country.

Belgium Travel Guide

AccommodationBelgium Travel Guide

  • Brussels: Accommodate near Grand Palace, It’s the hub for everything by walk. You can explore city by foot easily
    • Avg Hotel: Three-star hotel 100-150 €/per day. You can always select Hostels and Air BnB for cheaper options.
  • Burges: Accommodate near Market Square. Brugge is a small town and can be easily discovered by foot or a bicycle.
    • Avg Hotel: three-star hotel 120-150 €/per day in peak timings




Belgium is born for Eat.. Sleep.. Repeat. They are born foodies. Street of Brussels has every type of cuisine street foods, snacks, and Chocolate range. Belgium is well-known for  Waffles, Belgium Fritters and Belgium Chocolate.

  • Tips:
    • Many shops offer 1 euro Waffle (Ignore them). They will top the waffle with lots and lots cream to hide their quality.
    • Never Say French Fries!! Locals will be in a state of war and become your enemy. Be careful and stick your tongue to Belgium fritters.

Weather Condition

Best time to travel June, July, and August. Belgium has mild unpredictable weather. Morning Sunny, Afternoon Raining, Evening hot and Night Chills. Always Carry Umbrella, Rain coats and Rain cover for buggies. Traveling in these months do carry light weight jackets.

Belgium Travel Guide

Environment/ Experience

Locals don’t speak and understand English. They Speak Dutch, German, French, and Flemish. People are very friendly and ready to help you every time. It is one of those countries where people welcome travelers to stay free inside their home. Hardly listen or seen pocket snatching even in the busiest street.

Child friendly

Locals are very warm welcoming towards children. Unfortunately, Roads are not designed for buggies. Pretty hard to move stroller/buggies due to brick roads all around the city. Baby changing is easily located to all major shopping centers.


It’s one of the most relaxing holidays we had with a toddler. Belgium is perfect for holidays. It an ideal package of history, culture, Food, and Drinks. Stay tuned !! To find out more about Brussels and Bruges.