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Time for my Belgium Travel Guide Experience!
I booked my tickets from Ireland~Brussels. Yes !! I planned to visit Belgium only this time. Sound surprising? Belgium sounds bit dry, whenever you search for this place it shows EU political hub and bla bla !! Like seriously I am planning for holidays wanted to relax. To my surprise, I found Belgium completely different from my prediction. It is full of architecture, friendly locals, heaven for foodies and full of beauty.  Below are my reviews about different topics which can be helpful for your trip to Belgium:



I usually judge places by my experience on a Taxi ride. Brussels is the only place where my taxi fare is same as I calculated the online fare. Taxis in Belgium are very well equipped, clean and modern.

Belgium Travel Guide


I use train Brussels ~ Bruges. Perfect timing 12:13 am means accurate. You need to be quick don’t waste time as they have limited time at each stop. Affordable, Clean and perfect to have a glimpse around the country.

Belgium Travel Guide

AccommodationBelgium Travel Guide

  • Brussels: Accommodate near Grand Palace, It’s the hub for everything by walk. You can explore city by foot easily
    • Avg Hotel: Three-star hotel 100-150 €/per day. You can always select Hostels and Air BnB for cheaper options.
  • Burges: Accommodate near Market Square. Brugge is a small town and can be easily discovered by foot or a bicycle.
    • Avg Hotel: three-star hotel 120-150 €/per day in peak timings




Belgium is born for Eat.. Sleep.. Repeat. They are born foodies. Street of Brussels has every type of cuisine street foods, snacks, and Chocolate range. Belgium is well-known for  Waffles, Belgium Fritters and Belgium Chocolate.

  • Tips:
    • Many shops offer 1 euro Waffle (Ignore them). They will top the waffle with lots and lots cream to hide their quality.
    • Never Say French Fries!! Locals will be in a state of war and become your enemy. Be careful and stick your tongue to Belgium fritters.

Weather Condition

Best time to travel June, July, and August. Belgium has mild unpredictable weather. Morning Sunny, Afternoon Raining, Evening hot and Night Chills. Always Carry Umbrella, Rain coats and Rain cover for buggies. Traveling in these months do carry light weight jackets.

Belgium Travel Guide

Environment/ Experience

Locals don’t speak and understand English. They Speak Dutch, German, French, and Flemish. People are very friendly and ready to help you every time. It is one of those countries where people welcome travelers to stay free inside their home. Hardly listen or seen pocket snatching even in the busiest street.

Child friendly

Locals are very warm welcoming towards children. Unfortunately, Roads are not designed for buggies. Pretty hard to move stroller/buggies due to brick roads all around the city. Baby changing is easily located to all major shopping centers.


It’s one of the most relaxing holidays we had with a toddler. Belgium is perfect for holidays. It an ideal package of history, culture, Food, and Drinks. Stay tuned !! To find out more about Brussels and Bruges.



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Ana said :Guest Report 8 months ago

Great list :)

    easyblogthemes said :Guest Report 9 months ago

    Belgium is such a nice place. Would love to go there soon.

      Leo t. Ly said :Guest Report 9 months ago

      I had been to Belgium once a few years ago on a work related trip. They have great pastries there and I would definitely recommend anyone to try their local pastry.

        Oyinkan said :Guest Report 9 months ago

        I know 1 person that lives in Belgium. Definitely beautiful, but sucks that it's not too convenient for those with little kids.

          aareeba said :Guest Report 9 months ago

          Omg, I love Belgium and your pictures are so beautiful . I wish I can visit this place next year

            Crystal said :Guest Report 9 months ago

            This was such a great post to read. I felt like I was experiencing Belgium on my own. Great read.

              Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife said :Guest Report 9 months ago

              What a fun, quick guide to Belgium!

                Emely said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                I've always wanted to travel. I never thought of Belgium but now I am intrigued.

                  Joscelyn said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                  What a beautiful place! I've always wanted to visit that area! Seems like there's so much to do!

                    Patricia @ Grab a Plate said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                    I am definitely keeping this on hand! I have been wanting to visit Belgium for so long - one day soon, I hope!

                      Viridianna said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                      This is such a great travel guide! Definitely gonna follow some of your tips if I ever visit :) - Viridianna | www.lifestyleinstyle.com

                        Lisa said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                        Belgium looks like such a beautiful place to go and visit.

                          David Elliott said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                          Belgium has definitely been on my to travel list. I have wanted to go to that and the rest of Europe for quite some time. Thanks for all of the good information and travel tips.

                            Victoria said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                            After reading this amazing Blog post i now really was to go there and visit! It seems so beautiful

                              Lauren said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                              This a place I want to travel to! Thanks for your blog post. Makes me want to go now!

                                ankana silva said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                Brussels !!! My girlfriend is so in love with this place !!! We might make a visit in 2019 !!! will keep these pointers in mind !!!

                                  Rosey said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                  I've been itching to take a trip abroad. I wouldn't mind a visit to Belgium one bit!

                                    Apolline Adiju said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                    What a wonderful guide. I have been to Belgium several times and really love the city.

                                      Patricia-Ann Que said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                      great summary! never been to belgium but looking at your photos, it is a must to visit i guess! and great tip about bringing an umbrella! www.crayonized.com

                                        Holly said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                        Wow! I want to go! I've never been there. I would absolutely love to visit now.

                                          Ashvin said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                          I loved it when you said Euro waffle but then read the rest :( Anyway, Belgium sounds really awesome and with the value of the pound falling, I need to visit quick.

                                            Nayna Kanabar said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                            This is a very informative post with lots of good tips and advise. I was in Brussels last year for one night so did not get a chance to see the city much. However I totally agree the trains were super efficient.

                                              Christina said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                              Looks like it was a wonderful time! I definitely want to travel more. The taxis look so nice! Thanks for sharing this post.

                                                Jason said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                                I've only ever been to Belgium in passing but I would really love to explore it one day! Especially for Tomorrowland.

                                                  Barbara said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                                  What a beautiful city. I'd love to try some of those fritters. 😋

                                                    Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                                    Belgium is a place I would love to experience for all the things you mentioned. I had to have a chuckle about the french fries thing though. I guess we all have our own national pride. I'm looking forward to your more in-depth posts on Belgium.

                                                      Viveena Rodrigues said :Guest Report 9 months ago

                                                      I am looking forward to my Brussels trip in a few days along with twin toddlers. I was happy to read the child friendly section. :)

                                                        Natasha said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                        It's great to know that they are child friendly. We'd love to travel with the kids at some point.

                                                          DEEPA said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                          Wow..its so pretty and the travel guide is so helpful for any body planning a trip to Belgium.

                                                            Adarsh M said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                            Recently one of my friend visited Belgium and I was like WOW after seeing the pictures he took from there and now you made me say Awesome. I love this place.

                                                              Ola said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                              This is the first time I've ever heard of Flemish. I actually had to look it up to find out more about it. How interesting! This is also good to know because I plan to travel to Belgium someday.

                                                                jhilmil said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                Such a beautiful place, My cousin Grandpa has been staying at Belgium from past 35years and I have been planning to visit him next year. Good to know all these places.

                                                                  Amrita said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                  Belgium is on my wishlist.Thanks for the food tip. Adored the idea of Belgium fritters. Plus waffles!

                                                                    Garf said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                    This is a helpful guide. I haven't been to Belgium yet but would love to visit that place if given a chance.

                                                                      nicki said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                      I LOVE BELGIAN WAFFLES .. and fries. I was in Liege last year and the food is fantastic. Great guide too!

                                                                        Nazrin said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                        What a helpful guide! I have pinned this to my travel board to help other people who are traveling to Belgium soon! www.nmdiaries.com

                                                                          Tammy said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                          My brother went there several years ago and loved it. Someday I hope to go over seas.

                                                                            Christiana said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                            This travel guide is really handy and very detailed will be of great help to any one visiting Belgium.

                                                                              Terri Beavers said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                              Your guide will come in handy for me. Belgium is on my bucket list and I'm looking forward to seeing everything there.

                                                                                Blair villanueva said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                My friend says Belgium is a different country in most EU countries and the people are very warm even to tourists. I want to visit Belgium! I'm sold :)

                                                                                  Ophelia Tang said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                  I love your travel guide. It is very detail and helpful. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

                                                                                    Liz said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                    SUCH an amazing place! I really want to go again.... the fooood.

                                                                                      Anne Yedlin said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                      I would love to be able to travel to such a beautiful place someday. It looks like an amazing trip.

                                                                                        Elizabeth said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                        We spend a weekend in Brussels last summer and absolutely loved it. We did eat a lot of chocolate too!

                                                                                          Denay DeGuzman said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                          What a fantastic Belgium travel guide! You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience the vibrance, culture, food and beauty of that area of the world. One day I hope to have a chance to experience it too!

                                                                                            Helene said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                            My son and DIL visited Belgium recently and loved it. I would love to go myself someday.

                                                                                              Angela Milnes said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                              Wow, what a pretty awesome place. I haven't thought about traveling a lot but I sure would LOVE to visit here.

                                                                                                oyinkan said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                OMG Begium! I haven't been there but that first picture makes it all super convincing to visit.

                                                                                                  Heather Johnson said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                  I have never been outside the US before, let alone Belgium. Your guide is super helpful, especially the tips about transportation and food.

                                                                                                    Amber Myers said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                    I love Belgium! I lived there for three years. I remember pigging out. Those fries!

                                                                                                      Ana De- Jesus said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                      I am glad that you had a good holiday for the most part and that it was accommodating for your toddler. I have always wanted to go to Brussels you know x

                                                                                                        Sarah Bailey said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                        Belgium is one place I would love to visit again one day, I went with school many years ago but it's not a real get to know the area type of trip. I love the fact taxi's seem to be worth getting there, that always makes travel easier.

                                                                                                          Marlene said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                          If only I could speak fluent in one of those languages, I would be seriously considering taking my family there for a vacation!

                                                                                                            corinne & kirsty said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                            I have never been to Belgium but my brother has and loved it! I heard to food is amazing! So thanks for the guide coz I have now added the country to my travel list!

                                                                                                              Julie said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                              I loved Brussels! I didn't know about calling the french fries fritters! I also didnt realize when you order mussels they come with fries so we ended up ordering extra fries by accident!

                                                                                                                Mary Moodie said :Guest Report 10 months ago

                                                                                                                Thank you for this information. It really helped to put a visual to an already interesting place.

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