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New York City is one of the Top rated tourist places all around the world. We all Grow up watching movies, TV Shows filmed in Big Apple and now finally packing bags for your dreams come true. But wait let’s dig to the things you need to know before visiting New York City. Here are my top tips to visit New York City.

NewYork City here we COme…

Pre- Plan Yourself:

Yes, planning is very important for New York City. Any Wrong move it will cost you hundreds of dollars. Pre-Plan yourself where to go? Book your air tickets, hotel, and attraction passes in advance. Create an itinerary before you hit the city.

Tips to visit New York City

Book your Stay in Manhattan:

You read it right!! Book yourself in Manhattan as you are on holidays want to enjoy city vibes. Booking yourself in Manhattan gives you perfect chance to enjoy every moment in New York. It is one of the cities which never sleeps, even if you walk on roads at 3 a.m. you will entertain yourself for sure. Pro Tip uses Airbnb’s for booking room in New York City to stay in budget.

Tips to visit New York City

Book your Attraction/ Board way Tickets in Advance:

Mostly we prefer buying on spot, it’s not clever idea to-do this in New York City. Disadvantages you need to wait in the long queue to buy a ticket and then wait for entrance. Twice a time on each attraction which is a waste of time and Money. There are always some great offers online purchase and you have ample time to compare from one another.

Transfers JFK to Manhattan:

Prepare yourself for this fact! It will take 1.5-2 hours to reach. Best way to reach is by Taxi! Yes, you read it right. Might be scared to calculate the fare! Relax a good news…….. you will be charged fixed around 50$-55$ no matter how many hours you stuck in traffic the fare will be fixed.

Tipping is Mandatory:

Keep in mind tipping is mandatory. If you traveling from Europe or Asia always get ready to tip at every point. An average tipping is 15%-20% and least is 1$. Always add 15% more in your budget so not to be disappointed at the end of your trip.

Tips to visit New York City

Hop on- Hop off is not for Transportation:

I am a fan of Hop on- Hop off. As a tourist, it serves well covers all the main destination with ease. But to my surprise, it’s not same in NewYork. Long waiting ques at least for 1 hour to get your turn on the bus. Its good for Sightseeing but if plan to hop off and again hop in you will be wasting hours in waiting. Make sure to reach as early as possible, at least hit the ground at 8 a.m. !! Bingo

Say Big No to Taxi in the City:

Stay away from Taxis. New York is one of easiest cities to navigates. Even the 6th-grade child can easily find the direction. It’s always jam pack in New York City, hiring a taxi means you paying for traffic.

Tips to visit New York City

Try Street food:

Fine dining is pretty expensive in New York City. They are no. of Street food you will find at every corner of the City. Don’t hesitate to try something new. New York is famous for its Street Food and Take-Away. Grab your favorite and spot a perfect place to relax.

Get ready for a long Walk:

Prepare yourself to walk all day long to finish up exploring New York City. Get a proper and comfortable walking shoe. Most attraction is vast to discover around and how can you expect anything small in New York? That is the reason it is known as Big Apple!!

The Skyscraper at Night:

If you Miss Scenic beauty of Skyscraper at Night! You miss the most beautiful part of New York City which you cannot find anywhere in the world. To have a perfect view of Skyscrapers try to see them from the top. Book a ticket to Rockefeller or a Rooftop Bar/ Restaurant to end your Perfect day in New York City.

Tips to visit New York City

Now, What are you waiting for ?? Book your holidays and Start packing your Bags for a Big Apple!

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travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

Seriously! and everyone's dream to at least visit once in their life to NewYork!

    Cityrocka Perry said :Guest Report 2 months ago

    I am from New York City and you would think that I could add a bit to this post. Most New Yorkers stay away from the tourist spots, and that's the hilarious truth.

      lau said :Guest Report 4 months ago

      what a nice and informative post! I visited NY last xmas and loved it lau. http://www.malibluemymind.com/2018/02/a-push-over-wedge.html

        Abhinav Singh said :Guest Report 5 months ago

        I have heard great things about NYC. Even I have seen many sitcoms and movies based in New York. That’s a good idea to skip taxi. I anyways prefer walking.

          adriana said :Guest Report 5 months ago

          We love traveling to the BIG apple has been already two years that we have not been there appreciate the tips

            adriana said :Guest Report 5 months ago

            The BIG apple is a must visit. I have been there several times and have enjoyed it. You have great tips!

              Chelsea said :Guest Report 5 months ago

              I want to go to New York City so bad! It is on my list of places to visit in this lifetime!!

                travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                Hope i did justice to your city :) buy my tips

                  travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                  Thanks for your appreciation

                    travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                    Have a Nice trip Luci

                      Lisa Rios said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                      This looks like fun! We've been to NYC but not to major attractions. We have to dedicate a trip there.

                        Luci said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                        This is really helpful. Visiting New York is on my bucket list, I now I know not to take a taxi.

                          Elizabeth O said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                          Great advice here for anyone visiting our city! It truly is a great place :)

                            travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                            Same with us! I am from Ireland and its not common but holidays to USA made me learn how to tip everyone!

                              LadyLebz said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                              NYC is on my bucket list - can't wait to visit!

                                Drake Conan said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                This is such a great place to visit. I have never been to NYC but I always wanted to visit. Such a wonderful place.

                                  Maria said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                  Quite insightful! I never thought about tipping, because its not common practice in my country! Great article ;)

                                    Lindsay (Anchored In Elegance) said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                    Great advice, especially your perspective on taxis. They would have been my first thought, but you are so right about traffic. Who wants to pay to sit around?

                                      Kylie said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                      I've been meaning to visit New York for a few years now - this is a great selection of tips! I've bookmarked your page to refer to when I actually get around to planning!

                                        travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                                        Hope you have a wonderful trip this year

                                          travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                                          thanks for your bookmarking

                                            travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 5 months ago

                                            SURE WILL USE TRANSLATOR.. to read your blog.. Thanks for your share

                                              Shell said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                              These are all fabulous tips for when I visit this amazing city. I had no idea I should buy tickets in advance...

                                                Nelly said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                                This is so helpful for my first trip to New York which is coming up later on in the year while visiting family. I will keep this in mind. Thanks for the tipping tip.

                                                  Emily Fata, www.emulatingemily.com said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                                  I wish I knew a lot of these tips and tricks prior to visiting New York back in 2010. However, I'm definitely planning on visiting again sooner rather than later, so I'll be bookmarking this for reference. :)

                                                    Barbara said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                                    Wow, I leave in Québec City and I plan to come and visit NY in May with my boyfriend and you're right, I won't use NY cabs :) If you want and visit Québec, I leave some tips here but in french ;) https://terrissedepoche.com/2018/01/27/quoi-faire-a-quebec-en-hiver-si-vous-navez-pas-de-voiture/

                                                      Jeanne said :Guest Report 5 months ago

                                                      Great tips! I'd love to take my family to NYC. My kids really want to see the Statue of Liberty!

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