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Holidays to Dingle Ireland

Holidays to Dingle Ireland

Time to Mingle in Dingle Ireland !!

It sounds like Giggling “Dingle” !!! Travel my journey takes you to Holidays to Dingle Ireland. Last few years attracts tourist towards Dingle and now its one of the Highlighted towns in Ireland, which offers much more to your expectation.

Dingle Town is in County Kerry (Ireland). The only town in Dingle peninsula. Next to the beautiful Atlantic coast. A charming little town surrounded by the mountains, a fishing port, lots of Pubs, Restaurants, and Shops. It’s one of the places in Ireland where the vast majority of the people speaks the Irish language.

Where is Dingle Ireland

What to do in Holidays to Dingle Ireland?

This place has always had something for everyone. No limitation of age !!

Walk and Discover Dingle Town

I love this town for vibrant colors of Cottage and a warm Irish environment. My picture speaks all !!

Where is Dingle Ireland

Experience of Fungi Tour while on Holidays to Dingle Ireland

Dingle Dolphins are famous, who love to stay with humans. The most unusual experience, where you sail into the open Sea to meet these Fungi. These Dolphins Swim and play around you.

Where is Dingle Ireland

DINGLE DOLPHINS TOURS which I experience twice by the locals. The uniqueness of this tour company !! If no Dolphin’s found, they will return your money. (which never happens)

Where is Dingle Ireland

Finding Nemo and Dory while on Holidays to Dingle Ireland

You are just next to Nemo and Dory. Dingle Aquarium has them all. Experience the world of fishes in the tunnel. Meet penguins, otters, and reptiles to its perfect surrounding.

Where is Dingle Ireland


Perfect place for kids to spend hours of learning into the sea world.

Eat Fresh Seafood

Dingle is the heart of Fishing harbor. You can try numbers of restaurants for the fresh fishes, lobster, and crabs.

Where is Dingle Ireland

Try Out of the Blue ( A unique restaurant offers fresh Seafood depend upon the Catch of the day.  Restaurant doesn’t open if nothing fresh caught from the sea).

Sweet tooth Murphy’s Ice-cream Dingle

Your trip is incomplete without tasting Murphy’s Ice-cream. It’s purely handmade Irish ice-cream which satisfy your inner soul. They offer very rare flavors in the world. Some of the top unique flavors are Caramelised Brown Bread(taste of brown bread), Dingle Gin (taste of authentic Gin) and Dingle Sea Salt (It’s made from Sea Salt and taste heavens )

Don’t forget to taste something Free!


Drive to Scenic View from Dingle Ireland

The Slea Head Drive is perfect for a Road trip. It’s a Circular route and usually tourist travel clockwise. Drive from Dingle to seaside Village of Ventry, blue flag beach, Slea Head, Dun Chaion Pier, the village of Baile / Ballyferriter and the fishing village of baile/Ballydavid continue through the mount Brandon(2nd largest mountain of Ireland) reaches back to the main south to Dingle.

Where is Dingle Ireland

Where is Dingle Ireland

Via TripAdvisor

Book a TOur to Blasket Island

A small abandon Island full of Irish history. For more Click Here (Great Blasket Island) to see what else you can do.

Basket Island Dingle

White Strand ~ Basket Island


A perfect escape from your busy life !! Full of Nature, Scenic Beauty, and an Irish Culture !! Do share your experience if you been on Holidays to Dingle Ireland and don’t forget to share this beautiful destination with your family and friends!

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  1. Blair villanueva

    Wow this is a play i would like to visit. Looks safe and super tidy, and seems the people are so nice 🙂 love it!

  2. Natasha

    Looks like an amazing place. Finding Nemo was so cute and I love the look and feel of the place.

  3. Amrita

    I want to mingle in Dingle and eat Dingle ice cream.this is suvh a cute post I expected fairies and munchkins to appear soon.Will keep Dingle island in mind

  4. Khushboo

    That is such a cute name! I loved the Dingle Dolphin Exhibit. The entire place is so so pretty. Loved it 😀

  5. Thirty30Courtney

    I’ve yet to visit Ireland but I appreciate you highlighting a small town. I would love to see the dolphins.

  6. Marisa

    What a fun place this must have been! I really love learning about new places!!! You took some great pics!

  7. Mal @

    I wanted to visit Ireland for so long now! When I come in, I definitely have to put this on my must-see places!

  8. Melissa Jellie

    I’ve never heard of this, but now that I’m reading your post – HOW have I never heard of this? It looks like such a cool place with such a cool name!

  9. Jo Anna

    I loved the pictures in this post, the scenes are so beautiful and full of life!! I liked the tips and of course never turning down something free!! Thanks for sharing…it looks so fun and colorful!!

  10. CourtneyLynne

    Omg lovely photos!!!! I have never been to Ireland but have always wanted to make a trip. Maybe one day!

  11. Jill

    It is NOT true to say to stay in Tralee and Killarney and to come to Dingle on a day trip. This is NOT enough to see everything there is to see on the Dingle Peninsula. You need at least two nights in Dingle. I live here so I should know.

    • travelmyjourney

      Thanks Jill for your feedback !! I visit every year to dingle and explore something new!! I really want to give a glimpse to this town to make people more aware. If anyone visit this town once, DEFINITLY they come again for longer time !!

  12. Sheri

    What a lovely and picturesque place to visit. I love the name and glad you shared a place in Ireland that is uncommon to most.

  13. Swati

    Loved the name “Dingle”. The first thing that struck me was the color of Dingle town. So vibrant and lively. Thanks for sharing

  14. ourliveswithbella

    It looks like a lovely place to tour and experience. Would love to go someday! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Dingle Peninsula Tourism Alliance

    Love the pics and the review. Always love to hear of people leaving with happy memories. Let us know when you are here again, we might even join you for a icecream! (any excuse for icecream)

  16. Greg

    Dingle peninsula deserves more than a day. We’re spending a week there! Slow down and immerse in the environment. Beaches, hikes, boat cruises, historical sites, picnics, surfing, etc. abound. Also, a company called Relax Ireland has some wonderful rentals there that are plenty luxurious.

    • travelmyjourney

      Thanks Greg for updating !! last 3 years I visit this place every year ! And you are right! perfect place to relaX

  17. Becky Willis

    This sounds like such a wonderful place to visit. I have never been to Ireland, but if I were able to go I would want to visit Dingle. I love the place that has the fresh catch of the day.



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