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It is always confusing Belfast part of Republic of Ireland or UK? Belfast is in Northern Ireland and part of UK. Belfast has Borderfree access from Ireland.  Anyone visiting Ireland can enjoy a holiday to Belfast north Ireland. Belfast is just 2 hours drive from Dublin. There are some frequent trains and buses available! Now what you really want to see is totally up to your choice. Here are my favorite things to see while holidaying in Belfast Northern Ireland.

Must Things todo holidays to Belfast Northern Ireland:

Just follow my path to a perfect trip. Let roll on…

Titanic Museum Tour

One of my must things to see Titanic Museums. Most of the people assume Titanic is just a sad love story. No! but it is a story of hundred families and historic tragedy. When you tour this museum you actually feel how exactly those families start and end their journey. A place full of facts and figures from the making to its ends. My most favorite place to explore.


Tip: Must not miss an afternoon Tea to enjoy the replica Staircase of Titanic. Click here to Book

Belfast City Hall

Walk towards the center of the city, you will spot a beautiful architecture building in Victorian style. Building design reflects that is was crowned perfectly to the city.

things to see in belfast northern ireland

Victoria Square Shopping Center

One of the best place for shopaholics like me! They have all high brand with a number of cafes and restaurant. I can spend hours in this beautiful shopping center a must go place, especially on rainy days.

Crown Liquor Saloon

Crown Bar is one of the most beautiful pubs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. This bar has a Victorian style of architecture which is unbeaten. Among one of those Bar which is not beautiful from inside but also from outside. Have a Stop and Admire the Victorian Beauty.

Book a Black Taxi Tour

Black Taxi is a unique experience which can only be enjoyed in Belfast. You can hire a tour to this vintage car and feel the vibes of the city.

Peace Wall of Belfast

This wall in unique to itself. Peace Wall itself stunning and reflects the history of this city with a tragic background. Worth a visit.

City View at night by River Lagan

This is the most peaceful spot to end your day. The city reflects it beauty at night and this is the place where to leave all your stress and stay your new journey.

Belfast is a perfect day break plan from Ireland. All seasons offer different activities and places to visit. What else worth to visit from Belfast? Stay tuned to discover more about Northern Ireland.

16 Comments on Holiday to Belfast Northern Ireland

Elizabeth O said :Guest Report 6 months ago

Those pictures makes me wanted to visit that place. Belfast Northern Ireland is truly a must visit place. I will add this to my travel lists this 2018.

    amy said :Guest Report 6 months ago

    Those images are just gorgeous and I really want to go!! Can't wait to hopefully get there someday.

      krissie said :Guest Report 6 months ago

      This looks like such a lovely place, so vibrant and energetic

        Nida said :administrator Report 6 months ago

        then this is a perfect choice! Titanic museum is one of my favourite!

          Nida said :administrator Report 6 months ago

          Best of Irish Luck! Thanks for your admiration.

            Nida said :administrator Report 6 months ago

            Oh god, long time!!! I think you need to tour this place again

              Nida said :administrator Report 6 months ago

              Best of Irish luck!! For the Cabbie

                Nida said :administrator Report 6 months ago

                Hope you enjoy your trip!

                  Lisa Rios said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                  This is so cool! I love the sights of Ireland. Wish I could see them IRL.

                    Lauren Ashley said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                    Your pictures are beautiful. I've never been to Belfast, but I'm definitely going to look into it for a future vacation.

                      Dr. K. Lee Banks said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                      I actually have visited Ireland in the past, specifically Belfast, Dublin, and Limerick. I was part of a high school band and participated in the International Band Competition way back in 1978.

                        Evelyn, Path of Presence said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                        Thanks for taking me there! Love the colors and 'texture' of Northern Ireland! Delightful!

                          Alicia said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                          I have seen the Titanic tour when it came to the US. That was fascinating. I think if I went to Belfast, I would love the Black Taxi Tour. No one knows the city like a cabbie.

                            Czjai said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                            I would love to visit the Titanic Museum as well. Whenever I travel abroad, a trip to the museum would always be part of my itinerary.

                              Megan T at Renaissancegirl.org said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                              Wow! I've never been to Belfast, or any of Northern Ireland. I'll keep this list handy for when I eventually have time to take a trip over.

                                Emily Fata, www.emulatingemily.com said :Guest Report 6 months ago

                                Oh my goodness, this is all so lovely! I just got back from the UK and didn't have the chance to visit beautiful Ireland, but I'm going back this summer. I can't wait to see this all in person. :)

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