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Stop it’s Tea O Clock! Long Haul Flights and you feel Jet lag, looking for an afternoon activity or rainy days in Dublin(which means entire the Year) usually stop you discovering the city. Why not book with Vintage Tea Tour? Where all you need to relax listen to Jazz, have a delicious Tea experience and enjoy Dublin sightseeing.

Dublin Sightseeing Tour by Vintage Tea Tour!

dublin sightseeing tour

Tour Highlights Dublin Sightseeing Tour:

How to book: Visit Website to book online (

Available to book: Wednesday-Sunday

Timing: 11am, 1.15pm and 3.30pm

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

Tour details: No guided commentary but a lovely Jazz music to give you a good company.

Suitable for: 6 years and onwards children, Couple, Solo Traveller, Friends, Business delegates and so on anyone fits into the bus are welcome to join.

Food Option: Gluten Free and Vegetarian options available (Please notify them when booking)

Vegetarian Option

Vintage Tea Tour on Roll!

Step on Board and sit back to Discover Dublin City. You will be welcomed by the most humble stuff with full of hospitality. A unique Double Decker Bus with a vintage decor take you back in old time.

Serves fresh Tea delicacies with floral cutlery and indeed your favorite Tea on Board. Presentation of the food is very tempting. Which not letting me eat for the entire tour so I can Capture Entire Dublin with my Tea delicacies.

Vintage Routemaster includes all the iconic sightseeing in Dublin. Roaming from the Christ Church, Dublin Castle, The Guinness Brewery, Phoenix Park, Wood Quay, O’Connell Bridge, Trinity College, Georgian Dublin, St Stephens Green, St Patrick’s Cathedral and more.

The tour was well organized and up to the mark, where additionally staff highlights some the Dublin Sightseeings while on board.

While based in Dublin I never discover Dublin as a tourist but Vintage tea tour experience privileges me to be a tourist for a day. Its one of the best experiences I ever had. Where I can familiarize myself with the Dublin City and at the same time enjoyed delicious food with a Vintage experience on Board.

The tour ends with a beautiful Tea Cup as a souvenir which always reminds me my day of Vintage Tea Tour.

*Disclaimer: Sponsor tour by Vintage Tea Tour. All my reviews are based on my experience and my honest remarks.

Dublin Sightseeing Vlog Vintage Tea Tours

19 Comments on Dublin Sightseeing Tour with a cup of Tea & Cake by Vintage Tea Tours

Valdas said :Guest Report 3 months ago

It be nice to see that place 😉

    kim said :Guest Report 3 months ago

    This looks so fun! I would love to visit Dublin. Looks like there is so much to see.

      what corinne did said :Guest Report 3 months ago

      oooh this looks fantastic! The food looks amazing and an afternoon tea sighseeing tour is an amazing idea! a friend of mine did something similar in london!

        Kiwi said :Guest Report 3 months ago

        Looks very European. They know how to make a great tea presentation!

          Minh Hiếu said :Guest Report 3 months ago

          Your idea is very interesting!! I really like all the photos of food. They look so deliciuos! Thank you for posting this!!!

            Nida said :Guest Report 3 months ago

            Thanks for sharing the details, love the food cool while sightseeing.

              kim said :Guest Report 3 months ago

              Thank you for sharing this! We live in Germany and were just talking about visiting Ireland the other day but I would have no idea where to start planning a trip like that. This is helpful!

                Peter Nyiri said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                If I make it to Dublin one day, I'll be sure to take this tour - it sounds really exciting!

                  Joanna said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                  This is such a lovely idea! I have actually seen such a bus in London, as I was waiting for my coach to depart. I wished I stayed more so I could experience it myself. It's great there is such a tour in Dublin as well.

                    Andrea said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                    I have been wanting to go to Dublin for a while now and hopefully make it next year. It looks such a fun place to visit.

                      Hannah Marie said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                      This sounds like a great tour! I love to experience it. Delicious food and amazing view.

                        Paula said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                        "life is a cup of tea..." love it....the food looks incredible - great pics you took!

                          Julietta M. said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                          OMG this sounds so fantastic! I would love to go on a tour and have high tea! Super cute!

                            Paula Stewart said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                            What a fun way to see a city! I would enjoy doing this very much. Lucky you!

                              Jessica Taylor said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                              I have heard wonderful things about Dublin! Hopefully I will get to experience this for myself one day!

                                Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                                I would love to go to Dublin! It's on my bucket list for sure. The food, the culture, the sights, all a must see!

                                  jenifer sayyed said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                                  Really so nice to see this Vintage , nice pics . Hope i visit some day in sha allah

                                    GIGI EATS said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                                    I LOVE that they have gluten-free food options! hahahaha! THIS IS A TOUR I COULD TOTALLY GO ON!

                                      danielle fox said :Guest Report 3 months ago

                                      I love that they serve a snack and tea on the tour. That is full service and they know how to get new customers - by our tummys

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