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Cappadocia Hotair Ballon ride is all over Instagram, which caught my attention! So I update my bucket list and to pack my bag to see the Magic everyone’s talking about. On our trip to Turkey, we decided to discover the two most highlighted places (i.e. Istanbul and Cappadocia). We did Cappadocia Turkey tours from Istanbul for 2 nights, 1 full day and 2 half days. (which is too much for this place).

The entire experience is with the family, you have seen solo travelers, couples or a backpacker reviews, where there they have fewer limitations then the blogger with a family to Cappadocia. Let’s see our travel journey to Cappadocia Turkey tours from Istanbul.

How to Cappadocia Turkey Tours from Istanbul?

Booking to Cappadocia Turkey tours from Istanbul

You can book a direct flight to Cappadocia from Istanbul which is around. Istanbul has two big airports (i.e. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and Atatürk Airport). Make sure to make a right decision before booking a flight. (look down for pro-tip booking). Travel destination will be Istanbul to Kayseri Airport from where you will drive all the way to Grome (travel time around 1 and 1/2  hours).

Pro-tip: There are lots of budget flights starting from 25 euro for round trip. Click here to book the cheapest flight >> PEGASUS. Travel the same day to avoid extra travel time to the airport. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has cheap flights but it is way far from the Atatürk Airport and Istanbul city center. It’s better to pay extra 20 euro/per ticket to save lots of travel time, Airport check-in & control. Travel distance from Istanbul City center to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is around 60 minutes.

Hotel at Cappadocia Turkey

Location is very important when you booking a hotel, even if you are not going on hot air balloon you can sight the beauty of the valley when the balloon floats. Göreme is the central location to book yourself in Cappadocia. Good news hotels are very cheap as compare to the other places in the world. It’s ideal to stay overnight and relax while surrounded by caves all around you.


Yes, you read it right Caves! One of my key interest to experience stays in a cave. Back to my childhood memories (Flinstone Cartoon) Yabba dabba doo !! Where Flinstone lives in a cave with his family. Cappadocia caves remind me same and I feel like I am living Flinstone life.



In Cappadocia, they had converted caves into 4star – 5star hotels, with the real-time experience. All carved into the room, fireplace, equipped with television, modern bathroom, and private balcony to enjoy the morning with the Hot air balloons. Click on the Video to see our Cave Suite at Cappadocia.


Pro-Tip: Stay in Göreme to the cave hotel, something out of the box if you living in the modern city.

Things to do in Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia is not only for hot air balloon but it has much more to offer.  Cappadocia is the place where you see the number of natural stones formation in the form of a honeycomb. To discover Cappadocia there are generally two different tours, which discuss below (name may vary to different companies).

Green Tours- Overview

This tour covers the underground city of Cappadocia, Ihlara Valley, Selime Monastery, Pigeon Valley vista point and Onyx Demonstration.

Red Tours- Overview

Uçhisar panorama view, Goreme Open Air Museum, Pottery Demonstration in Avanos, Monk’s Valley, Cavusin, and Devrent.

Pro-Tip If you want to choose anyone Red Tours worth a visit to discovers Cappadocia at its best. If you taking Balloon ride you can join any of these tours after the ride.

We have a day to discover Cappadocia so we selected the Red Tours. Travel my journey travel to Cappadocia Valley.


This is our first stop Monk Valley. The stunning formation of Fairy Chimney rock, which seems like carved by human beings, but, in reality, they are by natural formation. You can walk, hike, horse ride or camel ride to discover this place.

Devrent (Imagination Valley)

We drive to our next stop by winding roads all surrounded by different types of mountains. The view was spectacular and unreal. Reaching to Devrent we explore some animal-shaped rock formations. It’s up to your imagination what to want to see  is around you. 

Pottery Demonstration in Avanos

One of the highlights of city Hand-made Pottery. You can evidence how they are made by hands and then paint with the vibrant colors. A reflection of Turkish culture and at the end you will have a chance to craft something by your own.

Protip: If you want to buy pottery, this is the right spot for you, it’s cheaper and 100% original no market competition.

Refuel for the Lunch Break usually, tour cost includes the lunch but it may vary company to company.

Goreme Open Air Museum

The UNESCO world heritage place is a must go place in Cappadocia. There are numbers of cave churches which are thousands of years ago full of rich history of monks. Small and Big caves with the beautiful craving rare type of Church which can be discovered in Cappadocia only.

Protip: Travelling with kids, always need a something to entertain them. It’s a historic museum, not much entertainment for kids. You can add some flavor of a camel ride and horse ride or buy ice-cream from the shops in front of the parking area.


This is the highest point of Cappadocia. Castle is closed for public due to the erosion. The outskirt is well explained the architect of Castle with a number of windows and pigeon house. One of the best place where you can witness panoramic view of Cappadocia.

Protip: Don’t forget to take a picture of Evil Eye Tree at the entrance. Its an idea to protect you anything from the bad or evil eyes.


My Review for Cappadocia:

Cappadocia attracts the number of tourists to visit. If you are lucky enough to catch the balloon flight, trip to Cappadocia score 5/5 else I will rate Cappadocia 4/5.

Obviously, it’s not a kid’s friendly place, as small kids are not allowed to take a balloon ride, It means if I need to catch the balloon ride daddy will babysit. Huh! not a good idea for the family holiday. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t permit me to experience balloon ride. Travel Blogger Regret!

Cappadocia is for adventurous, discoverer, hikers kinda person or if you want to experience something out of the box (i.e. staying in a cave) then it’s a must go place. This is the only place where you can experience the Balloon ride with such a stunning view and its ways cheaper than the rest of the places which offers hot air balloon ride.

*These are my own personal reviews on the bases of my family comfort and flexibility towards traveling. It may vary from person to person.

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Image by Luo Ping from Unsplash (Pinterest ~ Pin it)

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Alison Rost said :Guest Report 2 months ago

I've never been to Cappadocia before! It's really beautiful there and there's so much that you can do!

    Karlyn Cruz said :Guest Report 2 months ago

    My besties are about to go to Turkey. I bet she would absolutely love to see this! I am passing on your post!

      Twinspirational said :Guest Report 2 months ago

      Wow this trip looks fantastic. We haven't been to Turkey yet, but it's definitely on our hit list. We love that first pic!

        Betty said :Guest Report 2 months ago

        I want to try the balloon flight at Cappadocia. Never ride on it. Overall the place is nice and accommodation also good.

          travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

          Pottery is way cheap... even they have some original items from the London museums. If you get a chance to visit do check them out

            travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

            Hope you enjoy your trip to Turkey

              travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

              Thanks hope you enjoyed reading my blog

                travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

                Thanks hope you enjoyed reading my blog

                  travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

                  Thanks hope you will enjoy Turkey as well

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                    Thanks hope you enjoyed reading

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                      Thanks hope you enjoyed reading

                        travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

                        this is so nice of you! I love reading your comment

                          travelmyjourney said :administrator Report 2 months ago

                          this is so nice of you! I love reading your comment

                            Rachel said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                            What a fun and cultural tour! I would love to see all those hot air balloons!

                              Preet said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                              I've never been to Istnbul <a , but I do have a bucket list, so I'm definitely adding this place!

                                Esme Sy said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                Monk's Valley and Devrent (Imagination Valley) hits on my sweet spot so much. I don't even know why I haven't thought about visiting Istanbul, the whole place is just impressive with its tourist attractions.

                                  Melanie said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                  I can't think of a better way to see the beautiful landscapes than by hot air balloon. How neat is it that you can actually stay in a cave! Even more proof the land is absolutely gorgeous.

                                    Ashlee | She Can Social said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                    Oh wow, those photos are great! This sounds like such a fun trip, and I think I would especially love trying my hand at some hand-made pottery.

                                      Dana said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                      Oh wow! This looks like a fantastic trip to take! I've never been to Turkey, but now I wanna go!

                                        Explore The 6 said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                        I've visited Cappadocia a few times and the Balloon ride is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing

                                          Vanessa Delia said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                          That looks like such an amazing place to trip to. Turkey has some amazing culture.

                                            Evelyn, PathofPresence said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                            This seems like such an exotic trip, and in an air balloon no less! I can only imagine the beauty that can be experienced slowly in an air balloon as you venture through Turkey.

                                              Gladys Parker said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                              I would not be thrilled by having a cave as a hotel room although, many would look forward to it. I'd enjoy the pottery making and getting a piece to bring home depending on luggage costs.

                                                holly said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                Oh how looks like you had a blast. This is definitely a place worth visiting.

                                                  Mama said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                  How beautiful! This looks so amazing. I have never been to Turkey but now I'm thinking I have to go! Mama |

                                                    Elizabeth O said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                    Cappadocia through your eyes looks truly stunning. The picture of the hot air balloons looks so lovely. It sounds like you had such a great time exploring.

                                                      Megan said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                      This looks like a beautiful adventure! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I'd really love to go here sometime.

                                                        Czjai said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                        I think that cave stay is an interesting, surreal experience. The inside doesn't feel like you're in a cave at all. :)

                                                          kumamonjeng said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                          I have been to Cappadocia few years ago and did the balloon ride to the sky during winter. The view was breathtaking, this is an Alien town. I love your youtube, it remind me of my stay in Cappadocia. Great work.

                                                            Geraline Batarra said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                            It looks like a nice place to visit and exploring it is really a wonderful experience for me. Will definitely add this to my bucket list I want to see more on this place.

                                                              Lindsay (Anchored In Elegance) said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                              Wow, that balloon ride looks incredible and the scenery too! I would also be so intrigued to stay in a cave. This really looks like an interesting spot to visit. That said, I appreciate the honesty about its kid-friendliness. I've got a one-year-old, who might not be able to handle this kind of trip.

                                                                Amy (Amys Atlas) said :Guest Report 2 months ago

                                                                I loved this post! I had never heard of this place before now, but i HAVE to go to those caves and cave churches they sound incredible! I hope you had a great trip!

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